Abilities and Gears
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In her base state, Hinata is already stronger than any average Demon Lord Seed. However, after equipping the Holy Armaments, she becomes powerful enough to even match a True Demon Lord for a limited amount of time.



Unique Skills

Other Abilities

  • Anti-Magicule Physique: Magicules get purified just by Hinata touching them, making her strongly resistant toward most Element Magic, including those with beneficial effects, as well as healing potions.


  • Dead End Rainbow: This sword can destroy the Spiritual Body of any targets within 7 hits. For most living creature that is equivalent to getting their mind shattered and even if the body survives, the mind does not. However, there are exceptions to this. Someone who can live and think as an Astral Body or Soul would be able to survive it.
  • Dragon Buster: A rigged weapon prepared by the Seven Luminaries to self-destruct at a critical moment during the fight between Hinata and Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest.
  • Moonlight: A rapier far superior to Dead End Rainbow and Dragon Buster that once belonged to a Hero. Luminous gave it to Hinata as a gift.
  • Holy Armaments: Enables Hinata to temporarily gain a body strong enough to match a True Demon Lord.
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