Hero King, Gazel Dwargo (英雄王 ガゼル・ドワルゴ Eiyū-ō Gazeru Dowarugo) is the fifth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


A fortune teller elf decides to predict Rimuru's destined one, showing him a vision of a girl parting ways with her family. When Vesta, the minister who ordered the swords, arrives and insults Rimuru, Kaijin punches him in anger, resulting in both him, Rimuru, and the other dwarves getting arrested and put on trial. During the trial, the Hero King Gazel Dwargo, who has a history with Kaijin, exiles him and his men, who join Rimuru as his team of artisans. After also exiling Vesta for his dishonest actions, Gazel, noticing Rimuru's connections with Veldora, dispatches a ninja to follow him.


While still at the bar, one of the elves working there offers to read Rimuru Tempest's future in order to find the person who he is destined to meet. In the crystal ball, Rimuru is treated to a vision of a woman and five children leading Rimuru to wonder who they are. Around the same time a local Minister, Vesta pipes up and questions Kaijin on what he's doing there when he should be trying to complete his order.

However, Kaijin explains that he already sent in all twenty of the long swords he was made to complete, surprising the noble. Deciding to quickly change the topic, Vesta comments that he's more concerned that a lowly slime has been let into such a high-class establishment and makes his displeasure known by dumping a mug full of alcohol on Rimuru.

Kaijin, thoroughly enraged by Vesta's disrespectful behavior punches him cleanout. Though Rimuru is initially concerned that this will cause trouble for Kaijin and the bar Kaijin asks that Rimuru take him to his town to act as the artisan that Rimuru required. Unfortunately, Kaijin's brother Kaidou is forced to arrest the four dwarfs and one slime and keep them as a prisoner until their trial.

Once inside of the prison again Rimuru realizes that he left Gobta tied up in the cell, who is still asleep. Rimuru wakes the sleeping goblin and informs him that if he wants out of his silky prison he will have to summon his Tempest Wolf and get himself out. Kaijin apologizes for his behavior and explains to Rimuru his history with Vesta.

Originally, Kaijin was a captain of one of Seven Orders of Royal Knights under King Gazel Dwargo's command and Vesta was his aid. Unfortunately, one day one of Vesta's projects, the Magisoldier Project, spectacularly malfunctioned as a result of Vesta's rush, and Vesta pushed the blame on Kaijin who was forced to resign. Since then Vesta constantly makes unreasonable demands of the Dwarf Smith trying to get him into trouble.

Despite that Kaijin insists that Vesta isn't a bad person at heart and believes that he might be better if Kaijin leaves, which is another reason why the dwarf wants to go work for Rimuru. Likewise, the three brothers intend to follow Kaijin under Rimuru's employment. The next day the five are called into court and quickly realize their trial has been rigged.

Since the five aren't allowed to speak unless spoken to their lawyer speaks instead, who makes it quite clear that he has already drafted their confessions. Vesta meanwhile has dramatically exaggerated his injuries and collected eyewitness testimony stating that Kaijin and his accomplices attacked Vesta unprovoked while he was in the middle of a drink.

Before the five can be sentenced however Gazel asks Kaijin if he ever intends to return to his employ, to which Kaijin says no. The four dwarfs and one slime are banished never to return to the city. Alone with Vesta, the King questions him on if there's anything he would like to say to him before he too is banished from the Kingdom.

Gazel reveals that he knew who really was responsible for the Magisoldier failure all along, but because of his high hopes for Vesta did not expose his lie but now his antics have gone too far. Gazel reveals the Hipokte Grass potions that Rimuru created that is superior in ability to the ones that they can create, and now because of Vesta all of their ties have been cut off with that slime.

Thus a teary-eyed Vesta is thanked for his service, before being led out of the court never to return, his dream of one day being of use to the King utterly shattered. The brothers Kaijin and Kaidou have a heartfelt farewell while the King looks on, he instructs an elven assassin to apprehend the lawyer before sending her to spy on Rimuru, acknowledging him as a threat on par with the missing Veldora.








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