Hero Awakening (勇者覚醒編 yūsha kakusei-hen) is the eleventh volume of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Light Novel.


Rimuru and his crew are off to visit the demon lord Luminus in the Holy Empire of Lubelius for a music recital. Everything seems to be going smoothly...until Rimuru and Luminus get caught up in some crafty schemes that threaten to put the performance on hold! Will this big event manage to go off without a hitch?!


  • Prologue: The Golden Melancholy
  • Chapter 1: Observation and Research Results
  • Chapter 2: New Companions
  • Chapter 3: Signs of Unrest
  • Chapter 4: Western Turmoil
  • Chapter 5: The Chosen Hero's Awakening
  • Epilogue: To the Promised Land



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