Hero「勇者, Yuusha」or more specifically, True Hero「真なる勇者, Shin Naru Yuusha」is one of the ultimate forms of existence in the world. Similar to Demon Lords, it is also known as Title that can also be considered a kind of race.

A Hero is the Human or humanity/good aligned equivalent of the Demon Lord, meaning they are equal existences in the eyes of the Voice of the World. They are the opposites of the same coin.

Unlike Demon Lords, however, their existence is extremely rare, even more, rare than a True Dragons that number only three or four. They are said to be an existence that appears only once in a thousand years. Perhaps due to this reason, newly born Heroes are also possibly stronger than newly born Demon Lords.

Also unlike Demon Lords, Heroes are always Human, meaning they are a human-specific existence. But because the Human race as a whole is weak, they have the tendency to proclaim certain individuals as Heroes, even if they aren't one, as long as they have a huge record of being undefeated in battle and a good reputation in helping humanity. Such individuals would be similar to the self-proclaimed Demon Lord, but in this case, it would be something like a society-proclaimed Hero.

Thus, according to the Voice of the World, the title Hero always refers to the True Hero and not the society-proclaimed Hero, since the True Hero is the existence recognized the World's Systems itself. The only reason the prefix term "True" exists is to create a distinction between the two.

In order to Evolve into a True Hero: A Human Being needs to obtain Hero's Egg and Strong Willpower, to break the Hero's Egg Shell.


The evolution process of Heroes is very similar to the Demon Lords except for some requirements. After the requirements are met, the Human will undergo a composition change and become the True Hero. Naturally, an Ultimate Skill may also be acquired, but something similar to a Harvest Festival does not seem to be needed.


To become Heroes, a Human generally needs to have a selfless and caring person even if they have a particular goal in mind that they are chasing after. Examples of this would be Leon Cromwell, who had the goal of finding Chloe and helped those who needed help along the way even if he always has the brooding character of not caring about people. Another example would be Rudra, who, despite his obsession with power and wanting to defeat Guy, still helped out people and gave them a place to stay. Both individuals ended up creating their own country in the process, due to the trust the people had for them.

If so, as long as the person is strong enough (Demon Lord Class strength: A+ Rank) and has done many acts of good, out of the good of their heart for the sake of humanity, the Voice of the World will grant them the Hero's Egg.

The Hero's Egg is a skill which is also not a skill. It has no other purpose but to awaken its bearer into a Hero once the conditions have been met. It gives no additional abilities nor skills. The person having the Hero's Egg can also be called a Hero's Egg as well since s/he is a to-be Hero.

Afterward, the only step remaining would be to 'hatch' the egg. Although it sounds simple, it is actually more difficult a task than the Demon Lord's 'collection of 10,000 souls', since the Hero's Egg seems to only hatch by the strong willpower and conviction of the bearer. The person needs to truly know right from wrong and believe that what they are doing is a righteous act, and also be willing to face death for that conviction.

The only known example of this is Hinata Sakaguchi who hatched the Hero's Egg while facing Yuuki Kagurazaka and the Nameless Hero under his control, to protect the four children.


Once the Egg hatches, the person becomes recognized as a True Hero. In other words, this means that the World recognized the person's noble deeds despite facing the danger they did, and thus they evolved.

After the hatching, the new Hero's body is reconstructed and their lifespan is increased, although it is unknown if they become immortal like Demon Lords (since they become half spiritual beings) or it is simply raised a lot, since the only running example was Leon, who had lived for over 300 years thanks to becoming a Hero. The latter is more likely, since the Hero's next stage, the Demi God is spiritual existence.[1]

It is also unknown if subordinates having a soul link with the Hero receives a 'gift' or not since none of the existing Heroes have such subordinates.

What is known is that Heroes become S Rank existences since they are equivalent to Demon Lords, and they can wield God Class Weapon and Armor with ease. Although they are S Rank, their overall EP is less than Demon Lords, but they made up for it by their possibly greater fighting prowess.

Society Proclaimed Heroes

The reason for why it is 'society-proclaimed' and not 'self-proclaimed' boils down to the requirements for becoming Hero in the first place. Since they are generally selfless, they also do not have the tendency to boast about being a Hero. The only exception to this 'maybe' Rudra, but he is more likely to boast about his overall strength than being recognized as a Hero.

As such, these 'possible candidates' of Heroes are proclaimed to be Heroes by societies and not the individuals themselves. Both examples, Hinata and Masayuki, prove this fact, since neither ever considered themselves to be Heroes.

All society-proclaimed Heroes are of the Demon Lord Class strength, meaning they are around A+ Rank, with the exception of Masayuki who has the Unique Skill Chosen One. They also have a very good reputation for helping Humans or being on the side of humanity, which was why they are mistaken to be Heroes by Human society.

Known Heroes

True Heroes

Society Proclaimed Heroes


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