Head for the Dwarf Kingdom (目指せドワーフ王国 mezase dowāfu ōkoku) is the fourth chapter of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime manga adaptation.


Seeing the need for experienced constructors to rebuild the goblin village as well as to establish trading partners, Rimuru and a handful of goblins depart to the Armed Nation of Dwargon, the Drawen Kingdom northward the goblin village along the great river.

For a journey that takes two-months to travel on foot, the party arrived sooner by riding the newly evolved Tempest Wolves. While resting at night during the journey, Rimuru learns more about the Dwarven Kingdom from the tales recounted by the goblins as they dine.

After three days, they arrive just outside the border of the Dwarven Kingdom. Leaving the rest on standby, Rimuru and Gobuta alone travel to the gates where many travelers line up for inspection to enter the kingdom.

However, before they could peacefully enter the gates, they are harassed by a due of humans who attempt to rob them of their valuables.


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