Haruna (ハルナ haruna) is a Goblina resident of Rimuru City.


Before receiving a name, she had a childlike posture, but later she was grown more mature.


She was initially a Goblin from the first Goblin Village Rimuru encountered. After Rimuru saved the village, he gave her the name "Haruna." After bestowing names to all of the Goblins and the first Direwolf, Rimuru went into Sleep Mode due to using too much of his Magicules, during which Haruna took care of him. Her growth into a Goblina initially confused Rimuru when he awoke, as he had not yet understood the value of Monsters having their own name.


Haruna is in charge of sewing and cooking in Tempest. Since the Ogres came, she became a disciple of Shuna and studied fabric technology in earnest. Her proficiency in the skill of delicious cooking has further improved, and Haruna's new sweet, Matcha Pudding, became Veldora's favorite snack. Also, she studied, from the ground up, manners such as tea ceremony, and has now reached a level where she can entertain monarchs.



Rimuru Tempest

Haruna has a very good relationship with Rimuru. She worships him as a god after giving her and her fellow Goblins names.


Haruna and Shuna seem to get along with each other. Shuna taught Haruna how to create silk and textiles.

Veldora Tempest

Haruna and Veldora seem to get along with each other. Haruna loves to make him his favorite desert: Matcha Pudding.


Haruna and Rigurd seem to get along with each other and are good friends.

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