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Guy Crimson (ギィ・クリムゾン gii kurimuzon?), also known as Rouge (原初の赤(ルージュ) rūju, Primordial of Red?) is known as the oldest of the Primordials and the first seat of the Octagram. He resides in the Ice Continent.


Guy has blood red eyes with "stars of gold and silver dancing in them". His wavy, burning hair is a deep shade of rouge. He's about as tall as Leon and his beauty is prideful and distant. He looks like someone born to lead and conquer. He has his clothes draped over himself, revealing a lot of skin.


He is normally very prideful and relaxed. He doesn't care much about others but if someone interests him he will try to get closer to them.

He appears to be very forward in his relationships. He made several suggestive and openly sexual advances at Leon Cromwell while in his male form, despite Leon's insistence that he preferred women. Guy responded by on multiple occasions with offers to transform into a woman, only to be rebuffed.

Guy can change his gender with ease and is interested in both binary genders.

He's also interested in individuals with Ultimate Skills like Leon.


Guy was summoned to the world by a human as an Arch Demon and was tasked with destroying a nation the human was at war with. He followed that up by destroying the human's nation as well. This earned him his name. An unpleasant-sounding name, like the shrieks of the doomed and desperate as he crushed them. After being named he realized that he has awoken as a True Demon Lord. He thought it was needless at first since he believed he was already the strongest but this evolution also affected the two other Primordials, Vert and Bleu who were summoned alongside him as errand girls. They were given physical bodies as well as an evolution to Demon Peer. Guy gave them the names Misery and Rain reflecting the misery of mankind and the rain of blood that fell wherever Guy strode.

Soon after Guy awakened as a Demon Lord, another did the same. This was Milim. She was given a pet dragon that would serve as her father, Veldanava's incarnation someday. This pet was killed by a foolish kingdom and in her blind rage Milim destroyed the country which made her awaken. Guy stopped her. The battle took place over seven days and seven nights, the battle turned the bountiful fields of the west into an utter wasteland. In the end there was no winner. The battle ended after Milim regained her senses with the help of Ramiris.

After the battle, the three of them came to an agreement. They became the first demon lords and each had a separate goal.