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Grenda is a powerful Holy Knight that once battled to destroy Tempest. She leads a squad of knights and was regarded as powerful even among the absurdly strong Knights.

After a crushing defeat, she switched sides to the monsters.


As a Holy Knight, Grenda was always serious. She greatly looked up to Hinata in this regard. She showed care towards her subordinates and had great pride as a Knight.

After her defeat and "torture" at the hands of Souei, Grenda became very lustful and obsessed with Souei. She also has shown to be very jealous at times.


She is a beautiful redhead.


  • Souei: She fought Souei in the battle. He effortlessly defeated her entire squad of Elite Knights. He wanted to practice torture, so he prevented her from falling unconscious and stimulated all her erogenous nerves at once. Her power as a Knight prevented her from going insane, but her previous allegiance to her Church become meaningless. She thus became completely obsessed with Souei.
  • Souka: Grenda competes with Souka for Souei's attention.
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