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Great Wiseman (大賢人 dai kenjin) or Seeker (大賢人(モトムモノ) motomumono) is one of Diablo's Unique Skills.


  • Thought Acceleration (思考加速 shikō kasoku): Raises the user's thought-processing speed.
  • Chant annulment: (詠唱破棄 eishō haki): When using magic, the chant is no longer necessary.
  • All of Creation: (森羅万象 shinrabanshō): The ability to comprehend any non-concealed phenomenon in this world. Depending on the things the user understands and the information the user knows about, additional information can be inferred. In other words, the user needs to see it (the phenomenon) at least once.
  • Law Manipulation (法則操作 hōsoku sōsa):
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