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Granbell Rosso (グランベル・ロッゾ guranberu rozzo) is the current head of Rosso family and the true identity of Seven Celestial Sages「Sage of Sun」Gran. 




He was once a Hero who dueled Demon Lord Ruminas Valentine and lost. He then admits his defeat and become her subordinate under the name of Sage of Sun Gran.


He incited the betrayal of Seven Celestial Sages of Ruminas in order to eliminate both Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest and Hinata Sakaguchi who were both in the way of his plan to conquer the human world through economics.

He faked his death as "Gran" by pretending to be killed by Nicolas Spertus when Ruminas and Rimuru foiled his assassination attempts.


Ruminas Valentine: Even though he had worked under Ruminas for a long time, as a hero he always feels that defeating demon lords and protecting mankind is his destiny.

Mariabell Rosso: His granddaughter who he trusts and cares for greatly.

Lancelot: His friend and partner.

Maria: His dead wife whom he seeks to resurrect.


Ultimate Skills

Unique Skills

  • Indomitable: Evolved into Hope King Sariel.
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