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Gobta (ゴブタ Gobuta) is a Hobgoblin who belongs to the first group that was named by Rimuru Tempest is one of the first martial art students of Hakurou ever since Hakurou evolved into a Kijin. Gobta lives in the Capital city of the Jura Tempest Federation: Rimuru City.


In the anime, Rimuru notes that Gobta does not seem to change the same way as the other Goblins during the evolution to Hobgoblin and actually retains his physical appearance; he is described as looking like a Goblin child. That does not seem to fool other monsters, however, as Gabiru correctly recognized Gobta as a Hobgoblin upon their first meeting, rather than mistaking him for a Goblin.


Though he's considered a fool, he proves to be a very competent individual when the situation calls for it. His prowess on the battlefield surprises many.

He is a natural airhead and an idiot but has a hidden genius. As the Goblin Riders' vice-captain and later captain, he is actually unexpectedly brilliant.

In the anime, during his fight with Gabiru, Rimuru wonders if Gobta isn't actually a prodigy of some sort.


During his journey to Dwargon, four months prior to Rimuru's involvement, he was beaten black and blue, then he got picked up by a group of Kobold merchants. If they hadn't found him, he might have died. However, during the entire journey, Gobta showed a great amount of good luck.

Notes (Anime)

  • Gobta is one of (if not the only) Hobgoblin to retain his original appearance after evolution (or experience no real changes).
  • Gobta is the first Hobgoblin who was able to summon his Star Wolf companion.
  • During his fight with Gabiru, he uses the same kick that Rimuru used on him a few episodes prior which is an example of his fighting genius.
  • During his fight with Gabiru, Gobta manage to utilize Shadow Step just from seeing it a few times, showing that Gobta can easily learn Skills if he subconsciously deems them necessary.
  • ~11 minutes into episode 3, four goblins were shown being named after Gobta: Gobchi, Gobtsu, Gobte and Gobzo


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