The Goblin Riders, the elites of Tempest's military. They are in charge of patrolling the city of Tempest. Thanks to their speed they have been ensuring the safety of the area.

During the war against the goblins, the fanged wolves took many casualties, but 81 managed to survive. The goblins that can fight were 74. The remaining wolves were 81. After the war, Rimuru ordered both the goblins and wolves to become pairs and spend time together.

Before the evolution, the goblins, survived by gathering fruit, edible grass, and hunting edible monsters and creatures. Thanks to coordinating with the Storm Fanged Wolves Clan, their habitat remarkably widened. The shocking thing was when they became a pair they were able to use thought transmission.

Over the course of time, the wolves increased to 100, hence, 100 riders. Amongst them, captain Rigur and vice captain Gobta, have an overwhelming presence over the others.

As if they were a skilled team, even their breathing is synchronized. This suggests a high level of proficiency.

The Goblin Riders and the Star Wolves acquired the rare extra skill Unification, as a result of the Harvest Festival. They became as if one being, able to move quickly on all fours and get a boost of strength. Their strength puts them at about rank A-. Even the worst among them would dominate the B ranked. Surprisingly, all one hundred have this skill.

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