Goblins (子鬼族(ゴブリン) goburin, lit. "Child Oni Tribe") are one of the low-class Monsters that populate the Great Jura Forest.


They have green skin and a big nose. Their average height is 150 cm.


Goblins are of the monsters that populate The Great Jura Forest, with many different tribes dotting around the forest. Although there are many different tribes of goblins, they will usually stand together in the face of great danger.

Many of the goblins revere the Storm Dragon as their God and protector of the forest.

For goblins deaths are very common, to the point they have evolved to reproduce as much as possible to maintain their population.


Goblins are one of the weakest Monsters there is, but their strength lies in numbers. They will move and attack in groups to make up for their lacking individual strength.

They are unable to produce and create their own gears, often using salvaged and broken gears from their dead enemies, or from scavenging any abandoned battlefield.


  • Goblins are said to have their roots in Fairies, even being related to Dwarves species-wise, but they later became more demonic in nature and further degenerated from that, resulting in the current Goblins.


  1. LN vol. 3, LN vol 8.5 - In vol. 3 Goblins were stated to be Rank F, but they have been retconned to be Rank E by the time the first Databook was released.
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