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Gluttony (暴食者(グラトニー) Guratonī, lit. "Gluttony") is a Unique Skill that is the evolved form of Unique Skill Predator created by combining it with the Unique Skill Starved.


  • Predation (捕食 Hoshoku): Absorbs the target into the body. However, if the target is conscious, the success rate greatly decreases. The affected targets include, but isn't limited to: organic matter, inorganic matter, skills, and magic. As a part of Gluttony, Predation can now be used from a far greater range.
  • Stomach (胃袋 Ibukuro): The absorbed target can be stored. Items produced via Analysis can also be stored. Anything that stored in the Stomach are not affected by time. As part of Gluttony, Stomach's capacity is doubled.
  • Mimicry (擬態 Gitai): Replicate the absorbed target's appearance. The skills and abilities used by the target can also be used. However, this depends on the successful analysis and acquisition of relative information regarding the target.
  • Isolation (隔離 Kakuri): Harmful materials or unnecessary for analysis can also be stored. They will be used to replace magic energy.

Gluttony keeps four of the five original abilities of Predator (the remaining "Analysis" being transferred to Great Sage instead), the stomach capacity doubled, and these three Sub-Skills were added:

  • Corrosion (腐食 Fushoku): The ability to decompose the target in conjunction with Predation. Also the ability to add the abnormal condition of decomposition. There is a chance of acquiring an ability after consuming only a part of a target's body. However, the chance of that happening is less than consuming the whole body.
  • Receive (受容 Juyō): It is possible to acquire skills from the subordinates under the user's influence. The original owner of the received skill will not lose the skill. Magic and Knowledge also cannot be transferred.
  • Provide (供給 Kyōkyū): The user can grant an ability to the subordinates under the user's influence or linked to the user's soul. It can only provide skills that the target is compatible with.