Gelmud is a former high-class Majin that served Demon Lord Clayman of the Ten Great Demon Lords. He wanted to make Orc Lord the new Demon Lord and manipulate him but instead was devoured by it.


Gelmud prided himself as a high-class Majin. He was the type of person who would hide his true intentions behinds the language of a polite gentleman.


For 300 years, he had been planning a species war. However, Veldora's disappearance caused the plans to spiral out of control. So he gave up on having a war between the named monsters born from the goblins, lizardmen, and other such races. Instead, he sent out the Orc Lord.

The Orc Lord had lopped off his head with a butcher knife. Ripping his body up, he ate him. He died like a small fry.


He is clearly above an A-rank.

He has a regeneration skill.


Shisha no Koushinenbu (Death March Dance).


Orc Lord: The Orc Lord was loyal to his order. Hence, he planned to make him the new Demon Lord and manipulate him from behind the scenes.

Rimuru Tempest: When Gelmud 1st heard of Rimuru and saw him he hated him in ruining his Plans in creating a New Demon Lord.

Geld: To Be Added.

Benimaru: To Be Added.


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