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Geld (ゲルド Gerudo) was an Orc Disaster that leads the Orc Army. Formerly an Orc Lord, he evolved after devouring Gelmudo and became a Demon Lord seed. He was devoured by Rimuru during their battle at the Lizardman village.


He was much larger compared to other orcs. Like all other orcs, has the head of a pig. Rimuru described him to be 'monstrous' and 'ugly', especially after he evolved into an Orc Disaster.

His yellow aura has the ability to take material form, looking akin to some kind of slimy eyeless snakes, that has the properties of decomposing and eating at the intended target.


Before becoming an Orc Lord, Geld was a rational and respectful leader of the Orcs who cared for his people well being.

After becoming the Orc Lord his mind deteriorated to the desire of devouring everything to lead and feed his Orc army.

Demon Lord

After becoming an Orc Disaster, a Demon Lord, he regained his sentience but still lost his moral. He still thought of his people's future.


Geld was originally a nameless King of his fellow Orcs. An incredibly generous and altruistic ruler. So much, that when his clan suffered drought and famine, he couldn't bear to watch children starve and would cut off his own limbs in order to feed them. Since he had incredible regenerative capabilities, he didn't find it troubling to cause himself physical damage if it's to help his people. In fact, he would do it so frequently that his squire would often feel heartbroken and helpless at his self-sacrificial tendencies and would often tell him to stop, to no avail.

Later on, after he got to know about Veldora's disappearance, he set off to the Great Jura Forest in order to find food and a new home. During his long and arduous journey, he collapsed in a desert, where he met Gelmud, who provided him with food and a Name. Perhaps due to his immense hunger and guilt, combined with his new master Gelmud's sinister character, Geld's original ambition was warped and turned into something ugly. He obtained the Unique Skill Starving Ones and became an Orc Lord. Afterward, he who simply wished to get rid of/'devour' his fellowmen's suffering, now had the urge to just devour everything.

Differences with the Web Novel

In the Web Novel, it isn't explained exactly 'how' the unnamed Geld became the Orc Lord, simply that he 'received power' (most likely referring to Starving Ones, but not known how) from Gelmud and became so. Even up till the battle against Rimuru, he remained an unnamed monster. After the panicking Gelmud arrived in the battle scene, he ate him and evolved into an Orc Disaster and somehow obtained the name of his master 'Gelmud'.


He was the one who attacked the ogre village that Benimaru and the other ogres escaped from. He and his army then fought the Lizardman, Rimuru and his forces in the Marshlands. He betrays Gelmudo by devouring him and evolves into the Orc Disaster. In the climactic battle, he attempts to eat Rimuru but ends up getting eaten instead. After Rimuru learned the reason for his actions, Rimuru takes his sins and promises the Orcs' prosperity. Grateful, Geld was able to rest in peace saying his hunger is finally sated.


Geld I aura.jpg

His physical strength has surpassed Shion’s whose physical strength already enchanted by Herculean Strength.

After devouring Gelmudo, the Orc Lord who was moving on instinct alone finally acquired self-awareness. Declaring himself a Demon Lord with strength beyond comparison of an Orc Lord. The Demon Lord Orc Disaster most formidable ability is his tremendous regeneration ability.

He doesn't have any heat resistance abilities but surrounds himself in the aura that has a similar effect to heat resistance.

Intrinsic Skill

  • Self-Regeneration: is an Intrinsic Skill that restores the user's damaged body. It can restore even lost limbs as long as it's not a situation where the limbs get continuously chopped off or crushed. The Skill's performance can be enhanced by other Skills.


  • Death March Dance: He obtained this skill after devouring Gelmudo. But, the power level is different. Similar to Benimaru's Hell Flame, nothing remained on its surrounding. Although its power is not absolute, it doesn't give damage to the person touching it, instead, it will give them corrosion effect. Quality, power, range. If all of it combined it will become a certain kill attack. However, the speed is slow.
  • Heat Resistance: The skill to resist heat after enduring Rimuru in Great Sage Mode's Flare Circle.

Unique Skills

  • Starving Ones: This skill, bestowed upon his subordinates as well, allows them to eat anything and everything in sight. One of the effects of the unique skill known as Starving Ones. They were as much one swarm as they were an individual. Again, quite similar to the shared evolution of the Direwolves. Although they could not obtain all the abilities of those that ate, they could still acquire some of their special features, This ability also allows the user to devour himself to enhance the Skill "Self-Regeneration".
    • Chaos Eater: It corrodes everything it touches, using his essence. In fact, this skill is one of the abilities of the Unique skill Starving Ones. Its effect is corroding and decomposing every material he comes in contact with. When the resistance failed to resist the corrosion, death will visit the living creature.


Meat Crusher: A butcher's knife.



Gelmud was the person who named Geld. He ate Gelmud to fulfill his wish to turn him into a Demon Lord.


Geld's close aide. Gerudo was extremely loyal to Geld who put their people first before them.

Rimuru Tempest

Geld and Rimuru were opposing forces when Geld attempts to take over the Jura Forest with his Orc Army. After Rimuru absorbs Geld and declared he'll take the Orc Disaster's and Orcs' sins, Geld thanks the slime.



  • Geld would have become a True Demon Lord but was stopped in the middle of his transformation.
  • In the light novels, he Names himself as Gerudo the Demon Lord Orc Disaster while later Rimuru name the Orc General as Geld in order to express Rimuru's Respect toward Geld the Demon Lord Orc Disaster.
  • In the light novels, it was Clayman who was indirectly responsible towards the Orc Incident by ordering Gelmud to move the orcs and devour the residents of Jura Forest, unlike the web novel where it was Gelmud's own plan in order to obtain a pawn against Demon Lord.
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