The merchant Garde-Myourmiles, the head of Tempest's departments of business and publicizing. He was the owner of the large store, Miles Firm, and the chairman of the shopping street.


Myormiles is a useful man.

Myormiles softens people up with a smile on his face, which is the mark of a true merchant. As a merchant, he can tell a person's personality with a single glance.

He normally acts arrogantly.

Although he is a lustful man, he never does sexual harassment.


He joined the Freedom Association Merchant Guild but is a formal Brumund merchant with the country's permission. It's quite rare for a person to have the license of both the country and the Freedom Association, Garde-Myourmiles is one of these rare individuals.


Rimuru invited Myormiles to join Tempest. Even though he had received a license from the country, Myormiles was a guild member. He has the freedom to move between countries. But letting go of this shop might prove disadvantageous in the future. So he decided to have a few people stay back in case Brumund were to flourish.

He called the head clerk into the office, and let take over the store. He is, in fact, a son of one of Myormiles relatives, and was sent there to study. He is a bright kid that Myormiles took a liking to. But, in reality, he lost his original home due to failing horrible, and only became a clerk to have a place to stay. Yet there are no qualms about his work ethic. He's someone Myormiles could easily depend on. In reality, he had only intended to loan the store to him. That is, he fully expected to be able to recover the price of the store. If he couldn't make the payment, that just shows that he was a failure, to begin with. He was motivated by his duty as a teacher. Just in case, they set up a contract for the exchange of commodities.

Five individuals, Myormiles saw great potential in, chose to follow him to Tempest. He never expected them to be willing to abandon their livelihood to follow him.

A mansion was prepared for him.


He lends out money at the highest interest rate, and many potential customers visit him daily. But he doesn't meet these people personally; rather, he leaves it to his store attendants. As expected of a licensed merchant, he has many ways of making a profit. There's also some nobles who come to him to borrow some money. Since both parties intend to benefit, betrayal is unlikely. Merchants first and foremost consider both parties’ profit. Rather than relying on a poor alliance, it's better to establish trustworthiness.


  • Rimuru Tempest: He covered a week's worth of drinking for Rimuru, to ensure favorable relations considering their future joint endeavors. He received the best treatment imaginable. Hence, they became friends. After he became Demon Lord, Myourmiles was offered a position in Tempest as a Minister of business and Publicizing. Seeing a chance to make himself useful to Rimuru, he accepted the offer immediately as he left his store to be run by his assistant manager/nephew.
  • Rigurd: They quickly became good friends. Rigurd was also told to treat Myormiles as the official leader of the business and publicizing divisions.
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