Gabiru Is Here! (ガビル参上! Gabiru Sanjō!) is the eleventh episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Gabiru arrives at Rimuru's village to try and get everyone to serve under him to fight the orcs. Gobta is sent in to duel against Gabiru, defeating him quickly with the skills he's learned and forcing the Lizardmen to retreat. Later, Rimuru is approached by a dryad named Treyni, who asks him to defeat the Orc Lord.


The Kijin are hard at work in Rimuru's village. Shuna is showing the dwarfs and goblins her methods for weaving Hell Moth silk while Shion has inserted herself as Rimuru's personal bodyguard and secretary. She also attempts to become his chef too, but after Gobta gets food poison from her food; Rimuru assigns Benimaru the role of her taste-tester, on account that he and the other Kijin already knew she was a horrible chef.

Meanwhile, Gabiru and his fellow Lizardmen are progressing in their efforts to bring the Goblin villages under their command. They note that the next one they are to visit has tamed Direwolves under their command, his subordinates once again padding Gabiru's ego. The group travels to Rimuru's village and after making an ostentatious entrance for Gabiru; the Lizardman ends up insulting Rimuru to his face in front of his subordinates trying to recruit Ranga's pack to fight the Orcs.

Diffusing the situation Ranga has Gobta fight Gabiru instead with Rimuru motivating him with the carrot stick combo of a weapon from Kurobe and more of Shion's cooking. The Hobgoblin uses the spear he was given as a distraction, Shadow Movement to sneak up on Gabiru and finally, he knocks him out with a kick to the back of his head, causing his subordinates to take their leader and flee as quickly as possible.

In spite of Gabiru's personality and him seeming too stupid to be a scared attitude making an alliance with the Lizardmen isn't a bad idea. The Orcs are in their territory and dealing with them there is preferable than waiting for them to strike. Rimuru also wonders that if the Demon Lord that's backing them is the same one who hurt Shizu. But while in a meeting with his subordinates a Dryad named Treyni asks to join in, requesting that Rimuru Subjugate the Orc Lord.








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