Gabiru Arrives! is the sixteenth chapter of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime manga adaptation.

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After evolving, Shuna obtained Analyst, a skill similar to Great Sage. Kaijin and Garm build her a fabric machine and using special silk, cotton and other materials, she is able to produce sturdy fabrics. Shion had became Rimuru's secretary and with Shuna, they are fighting on who to take care of Rimuru. Rimuru draws some clothing and asks Shuna if she can make them and she happily accepts. Rimuru wants they head and eat Shion's food before its cold, but seeing Shuna's face, Rimuru feels something bad may be coming. He starts to wonder if Shion can't cook and as she serves him, seeing the ominous food he realizes its true. Seeing Benimaru trying to look away and Hakurou trying to hide his presence, Rimuru realizes the they all knew Shion is bad cook.

Wondering what to do withe food, Rimuru turns to Great Sage and following his advice, he feeds Gobta, who after tasting the food falls into agony and looses consciousness. Rimuru then tells Shion that when she cooks again, Benimaru first needs to approve it.

Meanwhile, Gabiru feels his father is over-cautious for sending him to asks the goblin villages for help due to the incoming orcs. Gabiru still feels he isn't strong as his father, but his followers flatter him how strong and good he is, which inspires him to prove himself and beat the orcs, which may cause his father to peacefully retire and Gabiru to become the new leader.

Rimuru, Kaijin and Kurobe are talking, but as Kaijin and Kurobe are interested in smiting, they only talk about it, leaving no chance for Rimuru to join the conversation or escape. Rigurd shows up informing Rimuru that the lizardmen had come and he uses the opportunity to leave. Hearing about it, Benimaru and the other oni's want to go with Rimuru to see what the lizardmen want. Meeting the lizardmen, they introduce Gabiru as their strongest warrior and future leader and that they have a chance to server him and become his subordinates.

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