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"Dragon Lord" Gabiru 天龍王(ドラゴ・ロード) ガビル, "Tenryuu Ou"(D o r a g o R o o d o) Gabiru」 is one of the fifth group of subordinates to be named by Rimuru Tempest. After the death of his former master Gelmud, his 'named' status became fundamentally non-existent, thus allowing Rimuru to somehow name Gabiru as 'Gabiru' again, evolving him into a Dragonewt.

He is the captain of the Hiryuu of Tempest, the country's primary aerial attack force, as well as one of the strongest subordinates of Rimuru, having the Title of a "Lord" as one of his Twelve Patrons.



Gabiru has the appearance of a green anthropomorphic Lizard with two horns. In all adaptations, he wears a wear armor that consists of a cape, baggy pants, and furry neck warmer.


Pre Demon Lord

Gabiru gains more dragon-like characteristics like wings (that are retractable), sharper horns, and harder skin.

In the anime, the color of his skin changes to purple.

Post Demon Lord


Gabiru has a superiority complex. The root of Gabiru’s pride and confidence is the thought that he is the chosen one.

Gabiru is the type to get carried away when praised and fail soon after.

He is easily carried away and overconfident personality, but is improving. Surprisingly he is not an idiot.


Gabiru was used by Gelmudo, his most trusted person, to satisfy his own gains to turn the Orc Lord into a demon lord.

Gabiru was exiled for his treason. Furthermore, forbidden to ever call himself a lizardman and forbidden to ever return.


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