If this battle can prove to Sir Rimuru that I can be of aid to him, I am all but guaranteed a lofty role in his hierarchy! I want to see the full extent of your force in action right now, people! Show them what a dragonewt riled is capable of!

Gabiru, to

Gabiru (ガビル gabiru) is one of the 5th group of subordinates to be named by Rimuru Tempest.

Gabiru now works diligently in the research department of Tempest with Vesta and plays a major role in the production of hippokete herbs and healing potions.

He is also on Rimuru's Twelve Patrons.


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Gabiru has the appearance of a green anthropomorphic Lizard with two horns. In all adaptations, he wears a wear armor that consists of a cape, baggy pants, and furry neck warmer.

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Although he didn't look much different from the average lizardmen. Gabiru grew dragon-like wings and noticeably bigger horns and firmer scales. The biggest difference was the color of his scales, it changed from to greenish-black to purple​​​​​


Gabiru first appears to be a young and overconfident lizardman who is proud to be the first-named warrior in his tribe as he expresses annoyance at his father for not addressing him with it.

Despite this, however, Gabiru holds his father in high regard and sees him as a proud and noble chieftain of the lizardmen and actually inherited quite a few qualities from him. Like Abiru, he is brave, loyal to his followers and kinsmen, as well as a natural leader gaining loyal subordinates who hold him in higher regard than Abiru himself.

Despite his natural talents, however, his ego is swelled and easily manipulated, as both the honest praise from his subordinates as well as Laplace's manipulations, he was led to believe that he had no choice but to take over the tribe from his aging father in order to save the lizardmen.

After the battle with the Orc Lord and putting his people in jeopardy, Gabiru was humbled and took the full blame for his treason and was willing to accept execution with grace, only pleading to spare his men.


Gabiru was the captain of the lizardmen warrior which resides in the marshes. He was named by Gelmud sometime before the start of the stories.


Gabiru was used by Gelmud, his former master to satisfy his own gains to turn the Orc Lord into a demon lord. He was manipulated into taking over the lizardmen and going into direct confrontation with the orcs, almost leading to the lizardmen's extinction.

After the war with the orcs, Gabiru was exiled for his treason. Furthermore, forbidden to ever call himself a lizardman and forbidden to ever return until he proves himself worthy.

He later joins under Rimuru Tempest's banner and works in the research department cultivating herbs for potions.

After Rimuru's awakening, Gabiru was promoted as one of the executives, therefore, giving him his honor back.

During the opening of Tempest, Gabiru was given the chance to reconcile with his father, Abiru.


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