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Fuze (フューズ Fyuuzu) is the Guild Master of Blumund Kingdom's Free Guild.


A short man with a vigilant face. He fits the description of a Guild Master.


He is a rather gutsy individual. Fuze is very skeptical of information. He didn't believe that the Dwarf king could acknowledge a city of monsters as a proper nation, at least not until he went to see it for himself.

He can be very tough on his underlings, but even so, he cares for their safety.


Fuze's father once worked together with the conqueror of flames.

He created identity papers for Rimuru to gain access to the Kingdom of Ingrassia.


His former ability as Adventurer was upper-rank A-. He was a remarkable Adventurer.

Fuze can perform analytical magic.

He is good at manipulating information. The accuracy of the information he gathers rivals that of the ANBU of Dwargon.



  • He has several pieces of information that could bring an end to Blumund.