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The Frontier Garrison, guarding the villages of the Falmus Kingdom’s, Count Nidol Maigam’s, Territory. Their unit was established by the Count to protect the villages against monsters; they are composed of 32 members in three division, under the command of Captain Youma.


The villagers complained about the damage caused by monsters, and that neither the adventurers nor Count did anything about it. The association’s restrictions didn't allow for them to take on the subjugation. To patrol the village, an organization responsible for subjugation was necessary.

In response to these circumstances, reluctantly the Count Nidol Maigam set up the Frontier Garrison.

They mostly consist of criminals charged with trespassing on private property, disorderly behavior, or small-time violent crimes. So, it's actually a facility for small miscreants. A correctional institution. They were servants of the knights, at times; and, they served as opponents for the Knights' mock battles. Thus, their service was meant to rehabilitate them. They chose Youmu as their captain and were sent to guard the villages.

For Count Nidol Maigam, the plan looked appealing because it not only can solve the villages’ problem but even if they had died, his wallet wouldn't suffer. Later, the Frontier Garrison led by Youmu showed remarkable results, and he became the frontier villages’ savior.

They established plenty of routes to quickly get to the villages during an emergency.

There are thirty people in their organization, but it has three captains. Their fighting force is always separated into three groups, with one resting at the base. So that in case of an emergency, they can move as soon as they hear of it.

They have searched for an appropriate location for their base, however, none of the villages fit their needs. Every one of them was built near the forest, creating a large distance between them. Thus, even the closest village, on horseback with provisions, is a day’s worth away; for the further ones, you would need to prepare a carriage. The Count’s city is by far the most separated and is a poor place for their base.

Moreover, the lifestyle in the villages could hardly be called pleasant, so the garrison doesn't get the treatment they want. That led to growing discontent among the men.

They have not received a large sum of war funds, and even if they had, they wouldn't be able to buy anything worth of note. After all, they had to spend most of it just purchasing weapons and armors. What had kept the soldiers away from mutiny was the fact that the villagers were truly thankful. To the ruffians and drunkards that the soldiers were, the villagers offered heartfelt hospitality. The villagers understood that they were there to protect them against monsters which was true, and considering how honestly they were thanked every time, the soldiers decided to work hard for the villagers' sake.

Because the monsters hadn't attacked as often as the Count had thought, there were no casualties among the garrison. Not just deaths, there were no heavily injured among them either.


Youma requested that the garrison be allowed to stay and station their troops in Tempest. Given that from there, they could easily access the highway and nearby villages. Moreover, if they laid roads to the highway, they would be saving time and establishing a trade route. Thus they offered to build it. This was considered a personal request of Youmu. In fact, he didn't want Farmas to know about it. Though there was a bunch of reasons, frankly, he hated the feudal lord. Though the count levy’s a heavy tax on the people in return for protection, the garrison sees none of it. If they reported this, he would be bound to meddle with Tempest.

In any case, as a result, they were severely understaffed. If a base was set up in Tempest they could easily access the surrounding villages.

It was decided the garrison would be given a single empty house. Should they cause problems, they would be evicted immediately. Moreover, Tempest would be collecting money for their meals. A single night for a single person costs three silver coins. The room included three meals a day, and a bath.

They were also given the first floor of the guardhouse as their office. Youmu’s group brought in their equipment there. They also had a magic communicator device, that allows them to contact individual units. However, they can only speak for three minutes every hour. The magic cost is simply so high that they can't supply enough. Thus it's mostly used to rely on unit orders or for emergency situations. It's an expensive piece of equipment, so they only seem to have six of them. That's also due to how cheap their employer is.

Due to their relocation to Tempest, they can reach every village within a day. They've gotten much more efficient as a result.

Rimuru introduced Youmu to Rigur. After they explained how far Tempest’s defense network spans, the garrison decided to fill in the holes between Tempest and the villages. Since there was a lot of room to spare, a single unit was able to work on building the road. And the free high orc construction division was sent to help them with that.

It was decided that ten goblin riders would support the garrison when they answered distress calls. They insisted on returning the favor, by teaching them formation tactics, sword skills, and other professions they knew. Among those were rather popular survival skills that were bound to increase their food variety. While it wouldn't lead to abundance, it is something they could be grateful for.

They began to get very friendly with the hobgoblin guardians. The city’s monsters are dutifully upholding the rules and were unexpectedly friendly towards the humans.



There are too few people in the garrison, and only a few of them are particularly skillful. They are all dressed similarly. However, their equipment seems rather poor, and their ability likewise.

The frontier garrison members are rather hardworking. Since they used to be ruffians and hooligans, they are trying to change.

They requested that the Tempest smiths maintain their equipment.


While apprehending spies is not part of their duties, it is something they can do.