Not a single one of Fritz's companions' neglect or slack their duties. They can immediately regain their composure with the help of one of the party's magic, Thought Acceleration.

Fritz can instruct battle formation using eye movements and minor gestures. The skilled templars, without overlooking a single gesture, are capable of promptly assuming the battle formation to exterminate a demon.


Before the battle, they erect an anti-magic barrier that covers not only every direction in the sky but also the underground. It is a standard defensive plan in case of a surprise attack, to sense and defend against magical attacks. Furthermore, they also set up a spirit barrier, a complex network of barriers that held multiple functions, such as regulating temperatures or detoxifying airborne toxins. Fritz also has the outermost barriers established to detect the enemy so they will be able to conduct counterattacks immediately in the chance of a surprise attack.


  • Earth Jail (Great Gravity Prison): The earth attribute's elemental magic, which increases the gravitational force in the targeted place. The purpose of such magic is to prevent the monster from moving.
  • Hellfire (Blazing Prison Sphere): To completely burn a cut body, and to prevent the enemy from regenerating.
  • Icy Blizzard: The Blizzard prevents the enemy from escaping.
  • Wind Blade (Wind Cutter): To attack if an attempt to escape was made.
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