Fritz never neglects his guard.

As one of the commanders of the Knights Templar corps, Fritz has extensive battle experience against various groups of monsters. In his youth, he had fought against many elites from the Direwolf Clan.


  • Dispersal Sword: Fritz's Dispersal Sword can cut through anything and everything. It is a special sword technique designed for a long-ranged attack. Since the structure was fairly simple, it was difficult to predict the energy released from the attack just by observing the technique's execution. It was an attack that simply wouldn't give any chance for evasion, and could cut through any cornered enemy. By putting all of his strength into his elemental sword (spirit sword), he offers his prayer to the divine spirit. The energy in the atmosphere begins to wrap around the sword blade and the sword itself begins to radiate with light. Wrapped in the spirit's ambiance, the whole sword begins to emit a pale light. From the tip of the sword, the divine protection of four attribute spirits is blended with an intense fighting spirit. The edge releases the full accumulated power of each.


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