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Footman is a Demon Lord class individual and Kazaream's subordinate.


He is an incredibly fat Majin who looks like a clown wearing an angry expression mask. It is surprising how he can move so fast, given his build. Similar to Laplace and Tear, he also talks in a very coarse manner.



Web Novel Continuity

Footman first appeared in the Tenma Great War Arc when he accompanied Kazaream on his revenge on Leon Cromwell, where Footman ended up dying.

Light Novel Continuity

Footman was first shown during the Forest Disturbance Arc as an unknown masked Majin who was helping the orcs destroy the ogre's village.

He was formally introduced for the first time in the Demon Lord Attack arc when He and Tear tried to convince Phobio to control Charybdis and use its power to get back at Milim.


Unique Skill

  • The Fat (Amplifier): The essence of this ability is amplification. With a small energy wave, he's able to amplify a material at will. Making his targets burst open and die after Footman amplifies their bodies.
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