Footman is a Majin who is part of the Moderate Harlequin Alliance.


He is a fat Majin who looks like a clown wearing an angry expression mask. It is surprising how he can move so fast, given his build. He talks in a very coarse manner.


He is easily angered and picks fights often even with his own friends despite caring a lot about them.


Forest Disturbance Arc

Footman was first shown as an unknown masked Majin who was helping the orcs destroy the ogre's village.

Demon Lord Attack Arc

He was formally introduced for the first time when he and Tear tried to convince Phobio to control Charybdis and use its power to get back at Milim.

The Octagram Soars Brightly Arc

He was listening to Laplace's story about infiltrating the Western Saints Church.

He showed up in the war against Clayman's forces and he fought against Phobio and Geld along with Tear.

Saint-Monster Confrontation Arc

When Laplace tells the clowns about Clayman's death Footman does not want to believe it and accuses him of lying. Later when Laplace mocks Clayman, he picks a fight with Laplace which is stopped by Kagali.

Majins' Secret Maneuver Arc

He gets entrusted with delivering failed otherworlder summons to Leon Cromwell along with Tear and Laplace.


His abilities are mostly unknown. He has an attack called "Giant Magic Missile" which destroyed Geld's armor, shield and seriously injured him.[1]


  • He shows up a lot earlier in the Light Novel than in the Web Novel and also plays a lot bigger role.


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