We will establish a new country, aiming to change everyone’s way of thinking.


The Hero-King Farmenas of the Farmenas Kingdom. Formerly the Farmas Kingdom, Count Nidole Maigam’s Territory's, Frontier Garrison Captain Youm.


Quick-witted and tough.

Even though he usually has a frivolous attitude, he was actually serious.

Youmu is the kind of person who attracts people. He has an aura of charisma about him.


He has a toned body, darkened by the sun. Neither tall nor short. He looked as if he never let his guard down. By no means ugly' rather, he has a pretty good face.


He hoped to become the boss of the slums.


Rimuru requested Youmu to become a king. Even if Rimuru killed everyone who dared to attack it would never truly end. But after he killed everyone in the upper echelon of the government. Who would be the responsible party for such an agreement? Not only that, if the central government was empty, the citizen will surely become concerned.

Youmu’s role was to purge all the corrupt officials. After Rimuru finished killing everyone the kingdom sent to invade Tempest, he wanted Youmu to cleanse all the remaining trash that still remain in the country. At the same time, calming the citizen, and to be crowned as the new king. For the sake of establishing diplomatic ties between Tempest and Farmas.

As Youma went, he gathered volunteers to protect the citizen’s properties and fought against the greed of the noble class. Those who were quick of wit, as well as those who were prudent, chose to join his side early on in his quest. Youmu being the commander of the Frontier Garrison, and as such, quickly gained popularity with villages and peasants alike. Especially in the outlying villages that were under threat from monster raids. Being very charismatic, in the blink of an eye, his power and influence had expanded greatly. He was described as the Invincible, Undefeated, Always Victorious.

The disunited noble armies were too few and too scattered to oppose him, and as he went on, he began to show his overwhelming power. Not only was this Youmu, backed by Marquis Muller, Count Herman, and other such influential noblemen, but he also receives the very backing of the Royal Family’s heir, The Son of the Former King Edolmalis, Edgar. He was still a boy, yet he played an active role as Youmu’s personal staff officer. King Edomalis’s execution was faked and he took on the alias of Marius, Youmu’s right-hand man.

In just two years, the Youmu had completed his noble quest and succeeded in uniting the scattered territories of the former Farmas Kingdom. This was only made possible through the noble efforts of the nations of Dwargon and Blumund. This sole factor would be known as the greatest piece that led to successful unification.

A nonaggression treaty was bestowed upon the Youmu by the Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest. In the end, this treaty was used as a pretext as securing postwar investments and indemnity in support of Youmu. The signing of the nonaggression pact between the Rimuru and Youmu signified the end of a war that brought terror to the peoples of the kingdom. While it wasn't spoken, this pact also served to establish the legitimacy of the young hero-king.

With the support of these mighty countries, a new country was born. This country’s name would come to be known as Farmenas. The meaning of the name is “a country born through the greatest peril.” Youmu formally assumed the position as the Founding King, changing his name from Youmu to Farmenas. By his side were two mighty Devils, Grucius and Myulan, as well as his trusted staff officer and wise political advisor.


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