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Extra: Rimuru's Glamorous Life as a Teacher, Part 2 (外伝:リムルの華麗な教師生活 その2 Gaiden: Rimuru no Karei na Kyōshi Seikatsu Sono 2) is the fourth OAD of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Rimuru, now a teacher at the Freedom Academy in the Kingdom of Ingrassia, has become involved in the school's outdoor training event with his class. The outdoor training event is an annual competition in which the students of each class guard the teachers on a journey to a nearby town. Rimuru is assigned to Class A, while his own students in Class S escort the young Tiss-sensei. All the students are eager to show how much their daily training has paid off, but the situation turns around when they're attacked by thieves! This is part 2 of the brand new episode created by the original author, Fuse-sensei, just for this OAD release![1]


Rimuru explains how the outdoor event for the Freedom Academy has finally arrived and that each class will send a representative of five students to guard one teachers each from the capital of Ingrassia to Guratol in the south. After reaching their destination, the students are required to explore a cave on the outskirts of town. Then the students will be graded.

The teachers will earn a bonus of 10 Gold coins at the end of the event for the highest grade. Rimuru plans on getting an antique desk or a lamp with fairy motif as a gift. While Jeff called out to Rimuru multiple times, Rimuru was thinking about showing of how Class S students excel compare to the rest of the students that would be participating. As Jeff raised his voice at Rimuru, Rimuru responded immediately.

Jeff explained to Rimuru that he will be escorted and is in charged on evaluating the students' progress. Rimuru was at first confuse but Jeff reply logically back at Rimuru. Jeff thought Rimuru was being confident but Rimuru apologies because he was thinking of something. Jeff ensures out of his fifty students, the top five students, whose grades are the highest, will accompany Rimuru. Rimuru asked Jeff who will be accompanying Class S students. Tiss responded that she'll do her best. Rimruru then boast about how great the students of Class S are going to be.

Outside of the academy, the Students from different class were surprise to see an (Help with this! ==>)unusual transport. The students of Class S explained that Rimuru got them a camping car. The students of Class S were confident on their ability that they guaranty the other class that they were getting the top prize.

Tiss was impressed by the transportation that Class S students use. Jeff gives out the final announcement to be alert at all times. The Students invited Tiss to sit at the back of the Camping Car so that she is safe when they are travelling. Rimuru introduces himself to the Students of Class A. Rimuru is surprise at how the Students of Class A works together so well.

Jeff explains that Ulamuth is bedridden and worries that Students of Class S will cause a ruckus. After having a lovely conversation with Jeff, Rimuru and Students of Class A departs from the Academy to the mansion. Not long after the Students of Class A departs, they encounter some Barghests. Students of Class A shows of their talents to Rimuru by fighting of the Barghests.

Rimuru gathers the Students of Class A in a line and gave the students some techniques for improvements. After sunset, Tiss written down the results of her first day. Tiss thought to herself that she would one day want to become a teacher like Rimuru. Usually it will take around five days to arrive Gurutol but it only takes the Students of Class S three days and a half.

Upon the Students of Class S arriving at the mansion, they receive an unfortunate news regarding the news of their rooms. Instead, the count offers the Students of Class S to explore the cave. Before arriving at the caves, Tiss answered a few question and accidentally leaked out information regarding what the event was all about.

As the students wander deeper into the cave, they couldn't find a trace of the butler. After a short while instead of expecting the butler, the Students of Class s found themselves with a group of bandits.

The Students of Class s decided to rebel against the idea of them getting captured. Gale requested the Beast Gnome to protect Tiss while they fight. The head of the bandits demanded his gang to eliminate the Students of Class S with the intent of ending their lives on the spot.

After the fight, the Students of Class S won with only a single scratch on them. As the bandits were tied up, the butler for the count came out of the shadows to find that the bandits were defeated. The student stopped Tiss from approaching the butler as it walks closer to them.

After the Students of Class S identifies the butler to be a Spectre, it reveals its true form and intends on killing the students.

To be continued to OAD 5...






  • Class A
    • Anne
    • Ukya
    • Elizabeth
    • Illory
    • Oloy






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