Extra: Black and a Mask (外伝: 黒と仮面 Gaiden: Kuro to Kamen) is the twenty-fourth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and the final episode of the first season.


A dying woman summons a Daemon as revenge against the one who betrayed her and her comrades.

Shizue Izawa and many other adventurers come in Filtwood to exterminate a very powerful Daemon, rumored to be an Arch Daemon. Those not willing to fight the overwhelming foe are killed by the kingdom, due to which the 'summoned Daemon' causes a ruckus and fights against Shizue. Realizing the mask she wore is an artifact that transcends space and time, the Daemon 'retreats'.

At night, Shizue is brought to the throne room, where it is revealed that the Kingdom is under the rule of the Daemon they were ordered to exterminate and that the whole commotion in the day was an act to lure and kill off powerful obstacles of the Daemon, such as Shizue. The summoned Daemon, 'Noir', reappears and kills the Daemon as per his original contract, and makes a deal with Shizue stating that he had killed the Daemon after which she had killed off 'Noir'.

Later on, it is found that 'Noir' had been tracking the mask from the Spirit World, eventually finding Rimuru; where it is revealed that this Daemon, 'Noir', shall be later summoned by him and be given the name 'Diablo'.


On a dark night, a woman, bloodied, battered, and sat next to the corpse of her dead companion, is using her own blood to complete a ritual. The ritual in question summons a Daemon. The Daemon is asked to eliminate 'them' with the soul of the woman as payment. The Daemon agrees with the task but states that her soul alone will not be enough, thus he will also feast on her prey.

Meanwhile, a hoard of Adventurers, including Shizue Izawa have been brought to the Nation of Filtwood, a kingdom that borders on the Jura Forest. Inside of the castle the high priest explains that they have a problem, a powerful daemon is attacking their nation seeking to reclaim its corpse that is buried deep beneath their castle. Once it has completed it's revival it will go on to threaten the world.

Long ago this daemon was defeated in battle by their nation's hero, Orthos, unfortunately, the daemon has no name to go by and it's abilities or the exact location of its corpse have all been lost to the passage of time. They do know however that this daemon has already defeated the Silver Wings, adventurers of considerable strength. With no information and no way of knowing how to defeat this daemon, the adventurers are naturally a little concerned.

When one adventurer attempts to leave he is cut down and a lesser daemon emerges from his corpse that the knight's quickly dispatch. Their enemy is already scouting his competition by using daemons to possess the adventurer's as double agents. Thus before they can let them leave to find the Daemon threatening their kingdom they need the Adventurer's to sort out who has and has not been possessed.

Towards this end, one of the Adventurer begins laughing explaining that completing his request will be easier than he thought if all he has to do to eliminate all of the daemons in that room is slaughter all of the people there. Having just said something she can't ignore Shizue fights the man who only refers to himself as Kuro, and who reveals himself to be another daemon.

Shizue fights the daemon to a standstill, but her Anti-Demon Mask manages to blow the Daemon's arm off when he strikes it so he chooses to retreat. Overnight Shizue recalls on information told to her by Leon Cromwell about daemons known as the Primordials, though they have no names for convenience sakes they were given monikers based on the color of their aura's: Black, White, and Red.

Thinking about how Kuro means Black Shizue's ominous feeling about the daemon she fought only grows. When morning arrives a Knight arrives in her room and explains that the king requests her presence in private. Meeting with both the King and the High Priest the Knight reveals that he is the true ruler of Filtwood and the daemon that Shizue has been called there to defeat.

The story about the daemon who attacked their nation was a lie, a legend staring the Knight as both the daemon and the hero who defeated him, because of that collective belief the Daemon has become self-named, Orthos. Having evolved into an Arch Daemon he now seeks more power, thus he intends to feast on all of the adventurers gaining their power for his own and evolving into an even more powerful state.

They have isolated Shizue because they intend for her and Ifrit to become the Daemon's first meal. Easily subduing Shizue who is still weak with the battle with Nero she almost unleashes Ifrit to have it defeat Orthos. However, Kuro suddenly arrives with the heads of numerous demonically possessed knights and easily kills the King, the Priest, and Orthos devouring their souls to ensure that none of them are able to revive.

The next day Shizue spreads a rumor that the King and High Priest were killed by Kuro and she, in turn, killed him, meanwhile Kuro has finished purging the nation of all of the daemons living there. Shizue knows she's not powerful enough to defeat Kuro, instead, all that she can do is hope that someone appears eventually who can defeat that daemon.

Years later Kuro is shown have spotted Shizue re-enter the Jura forest, and viewing her as interesting watched her movements closely, including getting taken over by Ifrit and their subsequent battle with Rimuru Tempest. After Rimuru defeats and eats Shizue The Daemon continues to watch the little Slime until the day finally comes where he summons him himself and is given the name Diablo.






Adaptation Notes

  • This is an anime original episode as it does not adopt any material from the Light Novels and the Manga. However, the episode was said to have been written by Fuse himself.



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