Genesis Class (World Creation Grade)

Veldora Sword

A sword created when Rimuru and Wisdom King Raphael use the core of the True Dragon Veldora to modify Rimuru's katana.

The first time Rimuru used it, he half-heartedly swung it but ended up cutting the ocean in half. The swing was able to destroy everything kilometers ahead of it and electric energy held the ocean apart, preventing it from merging.

Veldanava Sword

A sword made by Yuuki using the Manas:Velda body on the final battle against Rimuru.

Myth Class (Gods)

Divine Steel (Hihiirokane)

Also known as ultimate steel, it has a rainbow color and when it gets an owner, it adapts itself to the user's magic power, repulsing all others.

  • Demon Sword World: A God Class sword that Guy created to replace the Demon Sword Tenma after yielding it to Milim. It's forged from the hardest physical element known as the "Star Heart" and is considered one of the strongest swords in existence. Compared to Milim's sword, it has been maintained constantly, and it gives off a rainbow-colored luster.
  • Demon Sword Evil God: A God Class sword given to Milim by Guy Crimson. It takes the appearance of a long curved single-edged blade that is dyed in a pale blue light.

God's Steel (Adamantine)

The lower version of Hihiirokane, has great durability against all types of magic and weapons, except to the Divine Steel or the Ultimate Skills.

Legend Class

God's Shine Metal Steel (Orichalcum)

A special alloy created from mixing Demon Steel with Gold.

Unique Class


An alloy created from mixing Demon Steel with Silver. Weapons created from Mithril are very effective on Undeads and Ghosts.

Rare Class

Demon Steel

A dark-red color shape, this element has enormous durability and high resistance to temperatures or stage changes.

Special Class

Normal Class