The Empowerment Arc「地位向上編, Chii Koujou Hen」is the first arc of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Web Novel in Shōsetsuka ni Narō.


Although the prologue is listed as its own section in the table of contents, it would be wasteful to keep a separate page for it.

Prologue: Death and Reincarnation「死亡~そして転生~, Shibou~ Soshite Tensei~」explores the last instances of Satoru Mikami before reincarnating as a Slime in the other world.

In this chapter, he describes a little bit about himself as a person as he is about to leave for lunch with his junior co-worker Tamura and his new girlfriend Miho Sawatari. As they exchange a quick greeting and some chatter after meeting up and are about to move to their planned eatery, they are encountered with a crazy man running through the crowd with a knife attempting to indiscriminately stab the person standing in his path. As Tamura attempts to shield Miho, Satoru quickly shoves them aside who were directly in the man's path. Unable to move away quickly enough, Satoru gets stabbed instead as the man-made his run without looking back.

As he breathes his final breaths, the series intense pain and regrets in his mind trigger a voice in his head to announce several acquisitions of so-called Resistances and Unique Skills. With a final comical exchange of words with his dear junior as an attempt to lighten the mood, Satoru takes his last breath and sinks into the darkness.

Regaining consciousness, he realizes he couldn't feel his hands and feet and could neither see, hear nor speak, but seemed to be able to 'somehow' move his body. As he slowly gained used to the movement and had several other experiences such as 'eating' (dissolving) the nearby grass, he realized, to his disbelief, that he had died in his previous world and was reincarnated into a new one as a Slime.


  • Chapter 1: Let's See What I Can Do
  • Chapter 2: First Contact
  • Chapter 3: First Conversation
  • Chapter 4: First Friend
  • Chapter 5: First Steps
  • Chapter 6: Still Acquisition
  • Chapter 7: First Battle
  • Chapter 8: The Power in My Hands
  • Chapter 9: Negotiating with the Goblins
  • Chapter 10: The Battle of the Goblin Village
  • Chapter 11: Evolving Monsters
  • Chapter 12: Preparing Our Environment
  • Chapter 13: To the Dwarf Kingdom
  • Chapter 14: Trouble
  • Chapter 15: A Deal with the Guards
  • Chapter 16: The Dwarf Blacksmith
  • Chapter 17: The Outcome of the Promise
  • Chapter 18: The End of Turmoil
  • Intermission ~Bagworm Goguta~
  • Chapter 19: Return to the Village
  • Chapter 20: Towards the Village Revival
  • Chapter 21: A New Movement
  • Chapter 22: The Adventurers Who Finally Arrived
  • Chapter 23: Flame Giant
  • Chapter 24: Reminiscence~ Funeral March
  • Chapter 25: Human Transformation!
  • Chapter 26: New Abilities

Short Summary

After Satoru Mikami realizes he has reincarnated as a Slime he spends his days eating grass and magical ores using his Unique Skill Predator using the information he got from his second Unique Skill Great Sage. After falling into a lake and using too much force to eject himself out using the water he ingested from the lake, he meets with the one known as "Storm Dragon" Veldora. He learns various things about the world and explains his situation to him, thus quickly becoming his best friend. To help his new friend out, who was sealed because of a Hero's Infinite Prison, Satoru decides to 'eat' him with Predator and attempt to analyze it. As a final token of friendship between them, Veldora named Satoru "Rimuru" thus bestowing the Divine Protection named "Storm Crest" unto him, and Rimuru gave both of them the last name "Tempest" as a sign that they are of equal status. Thus the individuals came to be known as Rimuru Tempest and Veldora Tempest.

After many days of exploring this cave, he fought many creatures and attained many skills in the process until finally leaving the place. There, outside, he met with a group of goblins in the brink of annihilation, who, upon seeing Rimuru's great magic essence (which he was leaking unintentionally) requested his help to protect them from the Fanged Wolves who were going to attack again very soon. Rimuru accepts and when the assault came, the Goblins and the remaining Fanged Wolves became his subordinates, and Rimuru, ignorant about the rules of the world, unknowingly named them all, resulting in their evolution into Hobgoblins and Tempest Wolves.

Seeing the unskillfulness of the Hobgoblins in various aspects to build a solid settlement, he goes to the kingdom of Dwarves, Dwargon, to find proper expertise. After some unfortunate along with fateful incidents, he got four Dwarves to come to his village and new citizens. Days after, three adventurers, who he recognized were the ones he saw while leaving the cave, along with a fourth individual came across their village and became good acquaintances. Shizue, who recognized to be a fellow Japanese, later went out of control for some reason and the high flame spirit Ifrit possessed her body completely. Rimuru predated on Ifrit and found out that it was because of Ifrit that Shizue was able to live for this long and as a dying wish, requested to be eaten by Rimuru so that she could see the current state of her come country in his memories.

In this way, Rimuru obtained the ability to turn into a human and to test his newly acquired abilities, went into the Sealed Cave again. Once done, he left the place, leading to another fateful encounter.

Long Summary

Information to be added later on.

Character Introductions

  • Satoru Mikami
  • Tamura
  • Miho Sawatari
  • Great Sage
  • Rimuru Tempest
  • Veldora Tempest
  • Rigurd
  • Rigur
  • Gobta
  • Ririna
  • Haruna
  • Fanged Wolf Boss
  • Ranga
  • Kaidou
  • Kaijin
  • Garm
  • Doldo
  • Mild
  • Vesta
  • Gazelle Dwargo
  • Cabal
  • Ellen
  • Gido
  • Shizue Izawa
  • Ifrit


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