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Elen 「エレン, Eren」 is an adventurer and a member of Cabal's Party. She is actually the daughter of the Duke of Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion Elalude, who ran off to be an adventurer due to her selfishness and free-spirited personality.


Elen is a really loyal teammate and friend. She quickly accepted and befriended Shizu in their party, as well as befriending Shuna and Shion in Tempest.



Ellen or rather Elyune, hails from the from Sorcery Dynasty of Sarion. There she was a noble. After she studied at Royal Capital Academy, she left the country because she wanted to be an adventurer. She yearned for the freedom of an adventurer. She and her bodyguards Cabal and Gido set off.


After the Farmas Kingdom attacked resulting in Shion's death, she suggested the ritual of the Harvest Festival to Rimuru to resurrect those killed. She later decided to join Tempest, spending the remainder of her life there.