Edward is the younger half-brother of King Edmaris of Farmus, a duke, and the head of Farmus' nobility sect. He briefly serves as King of Farmus when Edmaris abdicates the throne, but later cedes the position to Yohm.


Edward attends the parlaimentary meeting to discuss what path to take when dealing with Tempest. When King Edmaris advocates for abdicating the throne and paying reparations to Tempest, Edward challenges him, accusing him of running away. Edmaris counters this by claiming there is nowhere to run to and noting that refusing to abdicate would lead to either subjugation or war, but Edward stubbornly refuses to face the facts.

With the revelation that Rimuru has become a Demon Lord and killed Clayman, Edward and the rest of the nobles fall in line. He schemes to wrest control of the kingdom from his nephew Edgar , Edmaris' sole heir, but that proves unnecessary when Edmaris announces he will pass the kingdom off to Edward directly. Edward immediately begins brainstorming ways to deal with Tempest, including forming a coalition of human nations to crush the monsters, and simply declaring all agreements made by Edmaris null and void and putting all the blame for the war on his predecessor.

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