Edomalis Farmus (エドマリス・ファルムス edomarisu farumusu) is the former king of the Farmus Kingdom.


King Edomalis can be considered a greedy person, but not to such extent that it becomes avarice, however, when faced with an immediate crisis that doesn't seem to have any realistic solution, he is prone to denying reality. But he is not a foolish king by any means, as long as the information he is provided is accurate.


Edomalis is first introduced preparing an invasion on the Jura Tempest Federation due to it reducing the profits from tariffs Farmus received from being the "gateway" to the Armed Nation Dwargon, as well as anticipating the prospects of gaining the Federation's resources for his own country. Because of reports of Rimuru's humble attitude, lacking proper intel about his true strength, and being unaware of Rimuru's identity of an Otherworlder, he misjudged the situation and started an invasion on Tempest's Capital, the City of Rimuru.

After getting his army of 20,000 soldiers wiped out in his confrontation with Rimuru, with only himself, Archbishop Reyhiem, and courtmage Razen surviving, Rimuru captured him, after which he got tortured by Shion and was put under the effects of Diablo's Unique Skill Tempter alongside the other two survivors. Following that he abdicated his throne to his little brother Duke Edward, who shortly after handed the throne to Youmu. Later Edomalis would serve Youmu as his adviser.

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