Dragons are one of the strongest races that exist in this world.


They are a reptilian race. Their body is covered in scales and they have wings, claws, and fangs. Their appearance can wary by their rank. They are also able to take humanoid forms


A dragon is a holy spirit and is thus a ball of energy. Therefore, they are nearly intangible beings. They are bound by neither time nor flesh, a mass of pure magical energy, and thus they are immortal. Since they have no lifespan, they don't have a need for children. There are 4 types of dragons: Fire, ice, wind, and earth. There are some that gain special or unique evolutions, but these are the only four types. It's impossible to tame a dragon lord, but as long it's not a lord, it's possible to tame an adult one.



Practically every dragon is at least an A rank. It's the level that could be defeated by 6 Knights Templar.

Known Individuals


  • According to Calgurio, Demon Noble and Demon Lord Class Individual have More Magic Amount than Dragon and Young Dragon thus it means that Dragon and Young Dragon have Magic Amount (EP) lesser than 200,000.
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