Divine Protection 「加護, Kago」 or Blessing, sometimes called simply Protection 「庇護, Higo」 is a fundamental property of the Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken universe, alongside Titles and Names.

Divine Protection is the most ambiguous and vague among the three as it is never explained as to what it really is other than simply 'granting protection' which itself is in a metaphorical or spiritual sense. But based on how they're used it can assumed that Divine Protections almost have a direct relation to what position the individual holds as part of the World.

Since there have only been three 'proper' Divine protections mentioned (Storm, Labyrinth and Great Demon Lord), there is not much to work with. Either way, it is possible that these protections act as 'protections' granted by the 'concepts' held by the World's Systems, such as the "Storm Dragon" receiving the "Protection of the Storm", the "Fairy Queen" receiving the "Protection of the Labyrinth" and so on. Meaning that the World holds certain positions as its own concepts and when an individual is able to matches with those concepts and becomes that sort of being, the individual will receive the protection of that concept.

It is also highly likely that the other True Dragons also have their own Divine Protections as well.

Known Divine Protections

  • Storm Crest 「暴風の紋章, Boufuu no Monshou」 (literally meaning 'Crest/Coat of Arms of the Storm'): The Divine Protection Rimuru received after being Named and naming Veldora's and his surname. In contrast to Veldora's Divine Protection, where the storms themselves act as a metaphorical 'protection' for him, this grants Rimuru to coat himself (metaphorically) with part of the strength of the storm.
  • Protection of Tempest暴風の守り(テンペスト), Boufuu no Mori(T e n p e s u t o)」 or just Tempest (literally meaning 'Protection/Babysitting of Tempest/Storm'): The Divine Protection all of Rimuru's subordinates receive after being named. This basically represents the protection they receive as beings under the banner of the Tempest Duo. This is not the same as Rimuru's Divine Protection, which is a 'coat of arms', and neither the same as Veldora's Divine Protection, which is nature's own concept of the 'storm'.
  • Protection of the Storm 「暴風の庇護, Boufuu no Higo」 or Storm's Blessing: Veldora's own Divine Protection received for being the "Storm Dragon". This Divine Protection is granted to him by the concept and systems of the World itself. The 'Storm' refers to the very concept of a 'storm' rather than banner of storm of 'Tempest'. This doesn't simply mean that the 'storms' protect him (metaphorically), but he is also able to grant the protection of the storm to others under him.
  • Divine Protection of the Labyrinth 「迷宮の加護, Meikyuu no Kago」 : The Divine Protection that all of Ramiris' subordinates receive. Ramiris herself also receives this protection as the World's concept of the 'Protector of the Labyrinth'.
  • Divine Protection of the Great Demon Lord 「大魔王の加護, Dai Maou no Kago」 or Great Demon Lord's Blessing: The Divine Protection Rimuru received for being a "Great Demon Lord". Similar to Veldora's Divine Protection, this not only grants Rimuru the protection from the World's concept of a Great Demon Lord, but he is also able to grant this protection unto others under him. After his ascension to Great Demon Lord, the Divine Protection of all his subordinates changed from Protection of Tempest to Great Demon Lord's Blessing.