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When Disintegration captures its target it never lets go. It is a spell that can vaporize any kind of enemy. But, using it on a large area will cause it to disperse.

It is a skill limited to those taught by the Western Saints Church. This magic is the ultimate attack magic from the divine magic archive.

This magic that one can use within the holy barrier belongs to incantation and spirit-based magic as these do not rely directly on magical energy.

The castor's hands stretch out in front of them, one is drawing some complicated symbols in the air, while the other is drawing geometric shapes. After quickly weaving such a complicated spell, a completed magic circle is now before them.

A power befitting a god. Though it's not an area attack, since it targets everything from the atom to the soul, it is considered the strongest anti-personnel magic.

Upon completing the chant, a brilliant white light shot out from the castor's hands. A blinding light. It travels to the target at a speed of 300,000 km/s. Equal to the speed of light. The skill completely vaporizes the target via holy energy. The downside is that it requires a long time to prepare.

Amidst a magic fight, or a duel, it is not a power you can use. Moreover, it requires a large amount of energy to use, and can be used at most once per day. However, there is not a single being who could withstand this attack. This is also a skill which only erases its target.

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