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Dino (ディーノ dīno) is a Fallen Angel and the sixth seat member of the Octagram.


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As the title "Sleeping Ruler" implies, Dino is a lazy individual who likes to waste his time sleeping. Despite that, he still cares about his image and doesn't want to be the only one to stand out.


The Octagram Soars Brightly Arc

At the Walpurgis Banquet that Clayman called, Dino was present, but he was mostly a bystander who didn't do much.

Hero Awakening Arc

After Dagruel kicked Dino out from his home, the Wastelands, Guy Crimson ordered Dino to be an "open spy" who is tasked with monitoring the Jura Tempest Federation's activities. After Rimuru learned of that, he assigned Dino the task of being Ramiris' assistant.


  • Ultimate Skill
    • Unknown Ultimate Skill