Demon of Flames (炎の魔人 honō no majin) is the ninth chapter of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime manga adaptation.

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Roasting some meat, Kaval's Party start to fight who to eat it all. Without noticing, Rimuru is touching the hot iron plate, but Shizue guesses he has resistance and his skill confirms he has thermal change resistance. She explains people from other worlds may obtain ability if they strongly thirst for them. Rimuru recalls that when he was dying his back felt hot and also cold from the blood loss. Rimuru guesses that Shizue can control fire as she used it to fight the ants, but Shizue comments that the fire is like a curse to her and her last memory of the other world is her town being engulfed in fire. A student of her also from Japan, told her that its was the bombing of Tokyo. However, she didn't die, but was summoned in this world by a person, who wanted to summon someone else and was disappointed when he saw her. Even though he had no interest in her, the man still placed a fire spirit in her, but because of that power, she lost many people close to her.

Rimuru and Shizue go on a walk with Ranga. Shizue is surprised that the wolf and goblins are fluent in speech, but is more surprised that they are building a town. Rimuru uses thought transmission to show her current Japan and how people had been working hard to rebuild the town. Rimuru comments that he is aiming to make this village bigger and similar to Japan and invites Shizue to visit it again in the future. He asks her who summoned her in this world and she tells him its the demon king Leon Cromwell. Shizue feels pain and realizes her time has come. She tosses Rimuru aside, her magic power starts to increase and she turns hostile. Seeing flames coming out, Kaval's party come and realize she Shizue Izawa, the one that has the flame spirit Ifrit in her. Shizue warns them to run as she can't suppress the power anymore. Rimuru's skill informs him that the spirit is trying to take ownership and is running berserk. Rimuru then tells her that he will remove her curse and suppress the spirit.




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  • Contrary to how it's translated usually, Majin (魔人) is translated as "Demon" in the title of this chapter, however, based on how the term gets translated in later chapters, the title should actually be "Majin of Flames" instead. The reason why the use is incorrect here might be because the decision for how the term is to be translated had not been made yet at the time the English version of Manga Volume 2 had been released.


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