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Demon Slime (魔粘性精神体(デモンスライム) demonsuraimu, lit. "Demonic Viscous Spiritual Body") is Rimuru Tempest's ultimate stage of evolution as a Slime. He evolved to this stage by awakening as a True Demon Lord during the Harvest Festival.

As a result of his evolution, all of his parameters had been greatly increased and he gained the ability to freely change between material and spiritual bodies.

There have been no other Slimes known to be capable of evolving into this form so far. As such, Rimuru serves as the only example for a description.

Physical Description

In the Slime form, the Demon Slime retains the same basic shape as it did previously. The mass increased and when moving at a quick pace, the Demon Slime glows golden. According to Rimuru himself, the Demon Slime form feels "more majestic" compared to the regular Slime form.

In the human form, the appearance is more refined, capable of bewitching any onlookers regardless of gender.

Intrinsic Skills

Evolving in into a Demon Slime leads to the acquisition of the following Intrinsic Skills:

  • Infinite Regeneration (無限再生 mugen saisei)
  • Universal Sense (万能感知 ban'nō kanchi)
  • Universal Shapeshift (万能変化 ban'nō henge)
  • Demon Lord's Haki (魔王覇気 maō haki)
  • Enhanced Body-Double (強化分身 kyōka bunshin)
  • Universal Thread (万能糸 ban'nō ito)


  • The Kanji 万 used in the Universal/All-purpose Intrinsic Skills means "10,000," an ironic word-play referring to the fact that 10,000 souls were sacrificed to obtain them.
  • Among the Intrinsic Skills of a Demon Slime, Rimuru already possessed Universal Shapeshift long before the Harvest Festival evolution.