Demon Lords and True Dragons (魔王と竜種 maō to ryūshu) is the seventy-sixth chapter of the manga adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


The summit between humans and monsters has came to an end and what's coming for Rimuru is the Walpurgis Banquet. Then, Ramiris explains what the Banquet is all about. Rimuru's subordinates gave a few suggestions on how they should proceed on this matter coming in mind. At the entrance to the Banquet, Demon Lord Cromwell enters the Banquet finding out that almost all the Demon Lords have gather at the venue. Guy Crimson, standing up and greeting Leon Cromwell and proceeding to make out with him in the middle of the venue. Guy then wish that he could become a girl to go out with Demon Lord Cromwell. Moving to a private area at the venue, Demon Lord Cromwell asked Guy why had he insisted him in coming to this event. Guy then explains what his intentions and motive are and the reason the Banquet was called for. Guy Crimson and Demon Lord Cromwell chat a little more and discovered that Veldora Tempest has been resurrected. Velzard finds the resurrection of Veldora Tempest quite fascinating and how the "disappearance" of Veldora came about. The chapter ends with Demon Lord Cromwell is going to get entertained by Rimuru in the Banquet

Adaptation Notes

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