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Demon Lord Milim Attacks (魔王ミリム来襲 Maō Mirimu raishū) is the sixteenth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


King Dwargo brings over Vesta as a researcher while Gabiru and other Lizardmen join Tempest and are named. Everyone gets assigned to their own posts, wherein the meantime, Demon Lords Clayman, Frey, Carrion, and Milim Nava watch a recording of Rimuru's battle against Geld. Agreeing to cancel the non-aggression pact on the Jura Forest with these other Demon Lords, Milim arrives at Tempest where she fights his top subordinates but finally losing to Rimuru by the temptation of honey. The two of them become (best) friends and Milim decides to live there, unbeknownst to Rimuru about the imbalance of the power struggle between the Demon Lords this just caused.

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Two days after formalizing an alliance between the Armed Nation of Dwargon and the Jura Tempest Federation King Dwargo returns to the federation. But before he does, Dwargo leaves Rimuru, his former lead scientist Vesta in his care. This is because of Vesta's previous actions, he's banished from Dwargon, at the same though they can't let his talents go to waste lazing about doing nothing. So as a compromise Gazel dumps Vesta onto Rimuru and tells him to do whatever he'd like with him.

Vesta takes the opportunity to apologize for how he treated Kaijin and Rimuru in the past and promises his king that he will not disappoint him a second time. Once Gazel leaves the group focuses on another group of uninvited guests: Gabiru, his sister alongside several of their fellow Lizardmen have arrived at Rimuru's village hoping to be of use to the slime.

Once initial hostilities are out of the way Gabiru and his men prostrates themselves before Rimuru and swear loyalty to him, Gabiru's sister and her subordinates. On the other hand, have been sent over to develop their abilities. As is a tradition by now Rimuru gives the sister the name Souka and ends up renaming Gabiru. Gabiru after stating that his original name was just fine. Once all of their subordinates have been named the next step becomes a division of labor.

Several of the Lizardmen, including Souka, have evolved into Dragonewts possessing human-like appearances and so have been assigned under Souei's spy corps. Gabiru and his men, also now Dragonewts, on the other hand, have been put to work growing Hipokte Grass in the Sealed Cave, but have somehow been growing weeds instead. Vesta has set up a lab inside of the cave where he's trying to reverse engineer Rimuru's potion crafting abilities.

In the meantime, Clayman alongside fellow Demon Lords Carrion, Frey, and Milim Nava are watching the Orc Disaster's death by Rimuru on a crystal ball. Milim decides to abolish the treaty that she and the other Demon Lords signed which prevents them from entering Jura Forest so that she can investigate what happened. Rimuru senses Milim's approach and rushes outside of city limits in time to witness her crash landing.

After getting introductions out of the way Milim confirms that Rimuru is the one who killed the Orc Disaster via her "Milim Eye" that gauges an opponent's strength levels. Rimuru also immediately confirms that he stands no chance against Milim in a fight, her powers being ten times greater than his. Apparently feeling the same way Ranga grabs Rimuru and runs away while Shion, Benimaru, and Souei launch a cooperative attack on Milim to which she shrugs off without even taking a scratch.

However, instead of fighting Milim, Rimuru simply shoves honey into her mouth and bribes her to stop attacking by promising her more. As a compromise, Milim declares a draw and thus receives more of the honey, to the disbelief of Rimuru's dumbfounded subordinates. While eating Milim questions Rimuru on if he wants to become a Demon Lord, to which Rimuru insists would be too much work and eventually concludes that Milim must lead a pretty boring life.

Because of this Milim bullies Rimuru into letting her stay in the village. Unfortunately, Gabiru comes along and accidentally insults Milim who promptly punches him through the road. Deciding to avoid the issue in the future Rimuru calls an assembly in the town and introduces Milim, Milim's fame causing the townspeople to immediately recognize and cheer for her. Milim also succeeds in Bullying Rimuru into calling them Besties as well as letting her live there.

Later that night Rimuru, Milim, Shion, and Shuna are all having a bath together in Rimuru's hot springs. Once he confirms the girls are settled Rimuru enters a meeting with Benimaru, Souei, Hakurou, Kaijin, and Rigurd on what they should do with Milim. Simply put, if a Demon Lord starts running around the village calling their leader her Bestie then it could invite attention from the other Demon Lords, that aside from leaving a temperamental powder keg like Milim to run wild is simply not acceptable.

Ultimately the others conclude to leave her care to her 'Bestie' Rimuru.








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  • Fanservice Note: Milim Nava is flat-chested and is portrayed as a "loli"-type character.
  • Some Dragonewts look human, while others retain their lizard appearance; differences between renamed Gabiru and newly named Souka.


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