Demon Lord Awakening (魔王覚醒編 maō kakusei-hen) is the fifth volume of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Light Novel.



Despite Rimuru's absence, things seem to be proceeding fairly smoothly in the newborn nation of Tempest. But there's trouble brewing elsewhere: The nearby Kingdom of Farmus's top brass are planning an invasion of Tempest, and at the same time, Rimuru's friend, Milim Nava, has declared war on Tempest's ally, the Beast Kingdom of Eurazania. As if things couldn't get any worse, all communication between Rimuru and his crew back home has suddenly gone silent in their hour of need! Tempest may be in for some hard times ahead - but this steadfast slime isn't throwing in the towel just yet. He has a plan...and it's downright demonic!


  • Prologue: The Day of Ruin
  • Chapter 1: Calmer Days
  • Chapter 2: Prelude to Calamity
  • Chapter 3: Despair and Hope
  • Chapter 4: The Birth of a Demon Lord
  • Chapter 5: The Unleashed
  • Epilogue: The String-Puller in the Shadows



Milim Nava arrived suddenly to Eurazania and declared war on Carillon. Stumped by this sudden announcement, he summons his warriors to determine their next course of action. They have decided that Carillon and Milim will fight one-on-one, and to evacuate the citizens to the Forest of Jura. On the day of the battle, Carillon noticed that Milim is acting strange, and theorizes that she may be controlled. In the midst of their fight, Frey intervened and defeats him. Lycanthropes would later refer to this day as the Day of Ruin.

Chapter 1

Long before the Day of Ruin, Mjurran was sent to spy Rimuru and his town under the orders of Clayman. She reported the various events, from Milim's sudden visit to the battle against Charybdis. To aid her surveillance, she decides to become an adventurer. Her reputation spread around Farmus' guild branch, and she was recommended to Youm's party. Yohm, however, denied her request. Mjurran decided to prove her worth by fighting them and became part of their team.

Yohm's team arrived in Tempest a few days later. Gruecith, who was tasked with observing the townspeople, noticed a new member in their party. Yohm warns him about her strength, which he brushes off. Gruecith and Mjurran later sparred, with Mjurran emerging victorious. Gobta saw all this unfold, and schemes to use her tactics to defeat Hakuro. With Yohm and Gruecith supporting his plan, Mjurran reluctantly agrees to the request. Unsurprisingly, their scheme was no match for Hakuro. Mjurran was free to walk away while Gobta, Yohm, and Gruecith were punished. The trio later entered a bathing facility and talk about the prospects of a mixed gender bath. This conversation was heard from the female's side of the bath, with dire consequences.

Weeks later, Yohm brought Mjurran to a secluded spot outside of town and confessed his love for her. Not knowing what to say, she opted to delay her response. Sometime later, she received a call from Clayman. He is aware of her feelings towards Yohm. She is to await orders, lest Yohm may be harmed.

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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Chapter 5

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