Demons (悪魔族(デーモン) dēmon, lit. "Demon Tribe") or Daemons are Monsters that are Spiritual Lifeforms similar to Spirits or Angels. They do not have a Body normally, as they exist in the Spiritual World where they mostly wander aimlessly around. By default, most of the Demons do not have names or any sort sense of self. There are a few exceptions which include those that have developed an ego after being summoned several times and having contact with the Material World.

Within the Spirit World, Demons gain strength and prestige almost entirely by age. The older a Demon the stronger it is. However, it takes a long time to get truly strong within the Spirit World, since Demons are bound by a Magicule limit that forces them to polish their proficiency and efficiency instead unless they reach an age of over 3,000 years.

Within the Material World, as long as a body to possess is available, additional options to get stronger open up for Demons, but the "common sense" within the Western Nations is that Demons can only manifest as Greater Demons at best - with Arch Demons only being thought to be possible when a Greater Demon is named - and an Arch Demon being considered the strongest variation with the sole exception of Demon Lord Guy Crimson, who reached the Demon Lord stage of Demon evolution. Of course, that isn't entirely correct since Primordials and more than 3,000-years old Demons can break through the Magicule limit and become Demon Lord-Class in strength, even without a name. All Demons, in general, are considered to have strong resistance against Magic.


Demons can be summoned from the Spirit World to the Material World. Demons are usually serious and respect contracts, though that might also depend on which color line they belong to.

The strength of the summoner is important as when the summoner is too weak in the view of the Demon, then the Demon might turn on their summoner.

Once in the Material World first an Ego arises. Each summoner provides more information to the Demon allowing them to become more proficient and knowledgeable with each summoning.

However, a Demon needs a body to stay in the Material World, as otherwise, the Material World will reject the Demon

Social Class and Strength

The Demons gain stronger power as they live longer. Demons who have reached a certain level reach the upper limit of the amount of possessed Magicules, eventually making them numerically equivalent in terms of raw power. Knowledge and experience are the things that matter from there. In other words, the difference in proficiency becomes the difference in combat ability.

Social Class Age Traits
Late Modern Species
0 ~ 100 Years Most likely to be summoned, they can operate up to the Arch Demon stage. At best they can barely reach a Special A ranking based on Free Guild evaluation.
Modern Species
30 ~ 100 Years
Early Modern Species
100 ~ 400 Years Considered Special A, but possess far more strength than Chavaliers and Baronets.
Medieval Species
400 ~ 1000 Years A genuine Calamity-Class. Despite having the same ranking as the younger Demons, Viscounts are far superior to the Barons. At this rank, the Demons reach their Magicule limit.
Ancient Species
Above 1000 Years Able to disguise their strength. If they manage to break their Magicule limit, their power becomes natural.
Pre-historic Species
Above 3000 Years Incarnated Pre-historic Demons easily break through their Magicule limit.
Pre-historic Species
Pre-historic Species
(Arch Duke)
Primordials of Demons From Ancient Times Apex of Demons.

Color Lineage

Depending on what Color Lineage a Demon belongs to, their personality and willingness to cooperate can change. There are three major dispositions that are based on the their Primordials:

  • Negotiable: Can be negotiated with and are probably the best bet when it comes to contracting with a Demon while keeping the risks at a minimum.
  • Unnegotiable: It is unlikely for any contract to be formed, at worst the summoner might even be tricked into a wicked contract that they end up regretting, which is why it's strongly discouraged to summon any Demons from this type of Lineage. The only practical use for them would be to trick someone into summoning a Demon of this kind within an enemy nation.
  • Whimsical: The result of summoning Demons of these Lineages can vary and the chances of success for establishing a contract are random. These Demons can be reckless and are subject to mood-swings. The eccentric nature of these Demons makes them more likely to possess proficiency in areas that other Lineages do not possess. There is a risk associated with summoning them, but it's still safer than summoning Unnegotiable ones.
Color Line
Primordial Stance
Guy Crimson Unnegotiable
Mizari Negotiable
Rain Negotiable
Diablo Whimsical
Testarossa Negotiable
Carrera Unnegotiable
Ultima Whimsical

Evolutionary Stages

Demons have their own evolutionary stages, which unlike their Social Class is much more prone to external factors within the Material World, like the quality of the contractual compensation, possibly the Magicule supply of the summoner, etc.

Naming leads to an immediate strength gain and/or Skill gain and in case of a particularly strong namer, an evolution to the next stage might occur.

There can also variations of the evolutionary stages based on the type of vessel a Demon uses.



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