Death and Reincarnation (死亡~そして転生 shibō ~ soshite tensei) is the first chapter of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime manga adaptation.

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37-year-old Satoru Mikami wakes up from a dream where he was a bossy slime that could turn into a beautiful girl (or boy). Reminiscing about so, and whether he secretly desired such a life, he heads out for his lunch plans with his junior colleague from work Tamura and his new girlfriend Miho Sawatari. Realizing the situation, he playfully cursed Tamura for wanting to show off the prettiest girl at work in his mind, but also at the same time decided to be a responsible senior and properly give them his blessings.

As the trio finally decided to walk to their desired eatery after having a small exchange of words, they hear the shrieks of nearby people and the shout of a crazy man running towards them with a knife in his hand. Since he was heading straight towards Tamura, Satoru immediately shoved him away but was unable to move aside himself as the knife was jabbed into his abdomen followed by the man ceaselessly continued running in the same direction.

Satoru fell to the ground and one after another described his regrets, each followed by a strange computer-like voice responding to them and giving some kind of counter for them. Unbeknownst to him, he was being reincarnated to a different world where all the things the voice spoke were qualities he got. The body of a Slime for him fearing death due to blood loss. The Unique Skill Predator for wanting to 'devour' all women in his next life. The Extra Skill Sage for being a virgin until his 30s, which was almost immediately evolved into Unique Skill Great Sage for being a virgin till almost his 40s.

As a slime it didn't take long for Satoru to get used to his body, however, he lost all his human senses except for touch. having so many questions about the surroundings and his new life, his Unique Skill Great Sage decided to borrow the verbal speech system from the Voice of the World to answer all his queries. Thanks to that he realized he was in the Sealed Cave (or Cave of the Seal) and all the grass he had been leisurely munching and dissolving was a potent healing herb called the Hipokte Grass. He also learns about the effects of his Unique Skill Predator, thus establishing his random goal of eating all the available Hipokte Grass and storing them for future use.

Ultimately, he got too careless on his speed eating and fell into a lake and assumed he would drown, only to realize that slimes could not drown since they didn't breath and stayed alive only by feeding on surrounding Magicules. Immediately he got an idea to launch himself out of the water by absorbing a large amount of it and ejecting it out. It didn't go as intended and he shot himself really fast and unknowingly crashed into a barrier where the one called the "Storm Dragon" Veldora sat.

Veldora called out to him with telepathy and they discussed many things about the world. At first, it was simply Veldora boasting about being defeated by a strong Hero who sealed him in this cave and he also told him about various aspects of the world. He also taught Satoru how to use Magic Sense which allowed him to 'see' for the first time. Although he was afraid at first, he soon realized that Veldora was just lonely and needed someone to talk to since he had been stuck there for 300 years. He asked if he wanted to be friends with him and after a comical exchange, Veldora agreed. He attempted analyzing the Unlimited Imprisonment and failed, but then suggested that it would be better for Veldora to reside in the Stomach of his Predator and send Great Sage as much information as he can about Infinite Prison so that it can analyze it properly.

Veldora agreed since it was far more interesting than just sitting there waiting until he returned. But just before he was about to be eaten, Veldora decided to name the unnamed Slime to provide him with a Divine Protection and told him to think of the last name for both of them to establish a relationship of equal footing. Thus, the slime protagonist came to be known as Rimuru Tempest and his best friend Veldora Tempest.

Finally, there was a short cameo about various leading powers being shocked at the disappearance of the presence of the fearsome Storm Dragon, followed by Rimuru learning the Skill Water Blade and reminiscing about hearing the name 'Rimuru' somewhere in his dream back in his old world, as he continued to travel towards the exit of the cave.







  • Hipokte Grass

Differences from Light Novel

  • In the Light Novel the story simply starts off with Satoru describing himself, whereas, in the Manga, it starts with Satoru seeing a dream of himself as Rimuru.
  • All his resistance acquisition during the process of reincarnation were ignored in the Manga.


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