Death Storm is the twenty-second chapter of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime manga adaptation.


Ranga recalls how he asked Rimuru to show him his Tempest Wolf imitation as Gobta had told him he can do it. Rimuru agrees and seeing it, Ranga is impressed by it. On the battlefield, Ranga prepares to fight the orcs and activates his Death Storm skill, summoning multiple vortexes that hit the ground and defeat large group of orcs. Ranga also evolves obtaining the form that Rimuru had in his imitation and gaining a second horn. While still shaken by Ranga, the goblins and lizardmen attack the surviving orcs. The oni start to obliterate the orcs. Gelmud sees the oni and realizes they are survivors from the ogre tribe which he had ordered Geld I to destroy after they turned him down. He also haven't seen beast like Ranga in the forest and is surprised by its strength too. Gelmud decides to take action as at this rate his plan will fail and he will be killed by Clayman.

Meanwhile, Laplace arms has healed from Treyni's attack and he visits Clayman. He shows him a crystal that looks right through Gelmud's eyes and they see the Orc Lord. Clayman realizes that Gelmud intends to fight the war himself even though he told him to not get involved. The moment they see Rimuru, Clayman is surprised and states that after all they will be able to see something interesting thanks to Gelmud.


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