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See, relying on Skills too much will leave you vulnerable at critical moments. If you don’t train your body more, you guys are all useless


One of the Bosses of Cerberus a secret society Organization.

A secret agent from the Eastern Empire to find information and corrupt the Western country.

He only follows Yuuki in order to use him and make it easier to do his Secret Mission.


Elegant manners


Loyal - He has absolute loyalty to the Emperor Rudra.

Insightful - He sees a certain charisma within both Yuuki and Rimuru which he finds very interesting and also as a great source of strength for the two.

Has Cerberus's 'Wealth' Damrada cared for naught but money. So the association spoke of him. In reality, he thought that it was natural for others to think that he cared only for money. He was the kind of person who would not hesitate to make money. He was fine with fraud and betrayal as a means. After all, the one who was deceived was at fault; only someone who's suicidal would act without guarantee.

For Damrada, those whom he would betray were merely disposable pawns–a lesser life form he cared little for. Beings who have are completely worthless are those who cannot even predict that they will be betrayed. So he never cared what kind of fate awaited those whom he had betrayed. Hence the reason people said that Damrada always brought back dead man's loot. But there's a reason that Damarada is fixated with money. Expanding an organization costs a lot of money. You have to root yourself in various places in various countries all of which costs money. Which is why Damrada used various means to earn money.


High-quality clothes black Chinese-style suit gold embroideries and depicting 3 tiger heads


He is a very highly d-ranked hand-to-hand combat style fighter and is also very good at hiding his abilities. He was surprised when Rimuru immediately understood that he was a strong fighter.

He is extremely intelligent as he was able to set up Cerebus for the Eastern Empire as a means to spy on the rest of the world, all under the nose of Yuuki who believed himself to be running the organization.

Ultimate Enchant/Gift

Unique Skills

  • Killer


Regret However relief To had found some candidates to filled The Emperor's decree Kagurazaka Yuuki and Demon Lord Rimuru Their existences were the buds of chaos, but at the same time, they were also the rays of hope.


He worked with Yuuki to spy on Tempest.

He competed in the Tempest Tournament.

He participated in the assassination of Yuuki and his loyal officers.

He was part of the sortie to capture Veldora.

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