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Dagruel (ダグリュール daguryūru?) is a Demon Lord from the Giant race and the fourth seat of the Octagram. His territory is comprised of the Barren Lands at the westernmost part of the central continent.



His eyes are bright blue and his hair a marine blue color. Dagruel also has three tattoos on his face resembling long teardrop-like lines at the center of his forehead in a vertical fashion and two below his eyes running over his cheeks in the direction of his sideburns.

His 2 meters height and muscled solid body plus his tendency to never mask his aura give him the appearance of someone capable to shatter mountains with his bare hand.


At first glance one might think this Giant is a brawler, and they would be right, however Dagruel has shown an observant personality where he makes small polite comments full of reserve. He is calm and sure of his strength, his quiet confidence doesn't blind him to the subterfuge present within the Octagram, and he actively asks for evidence to corroborate Clayman's story.

He appears to respect the power of others while still being indifferent to their lives, having fought to the death in many occasions with Veldora even as they always ended in a draw and constantly butting heads with Luminous because of their territorial frontiers. Furthermore, he has an amicable relationship with the storm dragon and stated that although he respects the vampire queen, he won't hesitate to kill her.

Although he has earned his moniker of "Continent's Wrath" for his explosive personality, there is evidence that he cares for those close to him as he has allowed Dino to live in his home for free for centuries, and sent his three sons to Tempest to train as they were too weak, likely knowing that Rimuru was too soft-hearted to kill them and would take them in instead. He gave his sons instructions to pick a fight in the capital of Tempest but not to kill anyone to gauge their combat strength first, which made them bow down to Shion after she defeated them all bare handed, bowing to learn under her.

He seemed offended at the evidence of Clayman killing off his own subordinate.


Demon Lord territories

According to Guy Crimson, Dagruel was the Titan guarding the Gateway to the Sky and is part of the "second generation" of Demon Lords alongside Luminous and Dino. He also has a holy element and hasn't shown any of the intrinsic traits characteristic from True Demon Lords.

Veldora commented offhandedly that he sparred with Dagruel quite often, but there was never a clear winner. Dagruel isn't offended when Veldora appears at Walpurgis, implying he enjoyed their tussles just as much.