The Falmus Kingdom’s Count Nidole Maigam’s territory. Bordering the Jura Forest, it considers the forest in its sphere of influence.


On this frontier existed those willing to protect the area.

Their main forces consisted of a knight order under the control of the Count. Although the members usually only consist of 100 people, the Count declared a state of emergency. Those who had retired were recalled, and the numbers were now nearly three times than the usual, with 284 people.

The next largest force here is the adventurers from the Freedom Association. They had taken requests to hunt monsters threatening the land in the vicinity. However, this was not an urgent matter. And, naturally, they finished the request without any difficulties.

To serve as lookouts around the Count’s territory, mercenary were hired. Although some were talented, many were still just novices. Thus, when the monsters started to move, they all were employed to scout the surroundings. However, in reality, they didn't treat their work seriously. The main cause of which being the fact that the Count had been stingy with money used to employ them.

Normally, it was the job of the knights to subdue the monsters if the Freedom Association didn't take the request. But, when the knights leave the territory, this leaves the cities vulnerable to attack. So, the frightened Count did not permit their dispatch. Money was a problem. Moreover, The Knights could not move in order to protect the town.

Further, complaints came from villages. They complained about the damage caused by monsters, and that neither the adventurers nor the Count did anything about it. The association’s restrictions didn't allow for them to take on the subjugation. To patrol the village, an organization responsible for subjugation was necessary.

In response to these circumstances, reluctantly the Count Nidol Maigam set up the Frontier Garrison.