The ability to make one or more copies of the individual itself.


Using this ability, one can make clones appear from any direction. While their abilities drop, they have no movement restrictions. Furthermore, one can deploy six clones without any restrictions.

The usual method of using this skill is that the main body lurks in the shadows while controlling the clones. And even if their abilities decrease, that's only about their vigor and magical energy becoming 1/10 of original while their movement abilities and attack power are completely unchanged.

When a spirit inhabits a clone, all of its power and Skills are passed to the New body (similar as when veldora uses Rimuru's clones as a body).


The clone commonly are idéntical to their creator, although if the original wants to change their appearance they will automatically transform.

Depending on how the master's ideas for the new form of the clone, it can transform into a completely new being. (for example when rimuru make is clone to be more masculine and then try to adopt an appearance similar to a grown-up shizue.

Another method for the change its appearance is that a spirit inhabits the clone.


The clone doesn't have a soul, therefore a mind for think by itself is missing. It can't act on its own, so It depends completely on the original's directions for doing any actions.

The clones can't use Ultimate Skills, unless the original have the ability to pass its mind and soul to the clone to make It his/her new "body," or that the skill have its own mind as King Rafael.