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"Marionette Master" Clayman is a self-proclaimed Demon Lord and one of the members of the dissolved group called the Ten Great Demon Lords. He is a ghastly man, infamous for his acts of manipulating his friends and subordinates like dolls.

He is also one of the four members of the Moderate Clown Troupe, called the "Crazy Pierrot," which is highest ranking subordinates of Demon Lord Kazaream.


Clayman has an overall appearance of a scheming wealthy noble, which is a given since he lives in a castle. He has a slim, oblong head with a sharp chin and defined jawlines, having a pair of pointed ears on either side. His eyebrows are so thin that one may sometimes confuse the yellow markings on his forehead as his eyebrows instead.

His getup involves a three-layered tuxedo, having an overall white color scheme.


Clayman was part of the Moderate Clown Troupe as Kazaream's aide, known as The Laughing Clown (Crazy Pierrot).

400 years ago, Kazaream helped him become one of the Ten Great Demon Lords. The moment he became a Demon Lord, he began hunting down devils and monsters to steal their hearts (literally). Making them swear loyalty to him, he inscribed a curse onto their hearts, making them his eternal servants.

After Kazaream was defeated by Leon, Clayman hadn't received any words from him for about 100 years, but several decades prior, he abruptly contacted him, to revive his spiritual body, which is why Clayman needed to gather power.

After, plotting a war between humans and demons wanting it to result in Tempest's demise, he was killed by Rimuru Tempest.


Clayman is weaker than the other Demon Lords, however, he is the most ingenious. The ominous black aura released by Clayman quickly regenerates his wounds. This ability far surpassed the one displayed by the Orc Disaster. When he took out a jewel of various colors, that's level of energy is equal to around 10,000 human souls.

He transformed into a being that's very different from before. His hair emanated spiritual energy; a trail of dazzling multicolored light was left in its wake. The length of the hair had also greatly increased. All the clothes on his upper body were torn in multiple places revealing colossal amounts of muscle lying beneath it.

His eyes were tinged with a rainbow hue. He emitted holy power on a level that could rival the Giant Demon Lord Dagrule. Clayman forced an artificial Demon Lord evolution using that stone as a catalyst. By absorbing energy from the Spirit Jewel, he forcibly awakened himself as a Demon Lord.

However, because the used energy attribute was different from his own, he evolved into an uncompleted state, a Variant Demon Lord. But, because he didn't need to wait for the blessing of the Harvest Festival to occur, he was able to utilize his full power immediately.

Unique Skills

  • Puppeteer
    • Marionette Master: This ability allows him to make dolls out of devils whose souls he stole. Marionette Dolls can immediately regenerate and continue to attack if destroyed. However, these dolls aren’t protected against attacks to their souls.


  • Demon Lord Destruction Cannon (Demon Blaster)


Moderate Clown Troupe:


Clayman's master, Clayman was his aide. He was also the one who turned him into a Demon Lord 400 years ago. Even after becoming a Demon Lord, he still moved following his instructions.


His friend and workmate.


His friend and workmate.


His friend and workmate.

Five Fingers:

Nine-Head Beast

The Thumb cursed to be Clayman's pet


Adalman the Index Finger, head of defense for Clayman's castle.


Yamza the Middle Finger, the top lieutenant within Clayman's vanguards.


Myulan the Ring Finger. Clayman treated Myulan as a disposable pawn.


The Pinky Finger, the spy and intelligence collector for Clayman.



Gelmudo was his protege, however, to him Gelmudo was little more than a disposable pawn.


Clayman saw Rimuru as a disturbance and an annoying factor that disrupt his plans. He looks down on Rimuru for being a lowly slime who dare proclaim itself as a Demon Lord.